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The Bad Service Service Economy



November 03, 2009 – Comments (3)

One of our running jokes at Global Gains is that given the quality of customer service we get here in the US, if the US is a service economy, then we're in deep trouble.

That point was drilled home again today when the good people at the Taj Krishna in Hyderabad, India, were able to procure for us within minutes and with little to no hassle at 2am their time, 2 tickets on the Hussain Sagar Express Train from Hyderabad to Bombay for use on our upcoming research trip to India.

To answer your next 2 logical questions:

1. Yes, the next GG research trip is coming up soon and it's to India.
2. Yes, we're taking a 15 hour train ride across central India.

It's gonna be one heckuva trip; you won't want to miss it. Look for forthcoming information on and on this blog for how you can sign up to receive our free research dispatches. And it's worth your time to get these dispatches. The picks from our China trip in July are now up more than 70% on average.

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#1) On November 03, 2009 at 5:07 PM, XXX222 (< 20) wrote:

"we're taking a 15 hour train ride across central India."


Ohhh mannnn...

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#2) On November 03, 2009 at 6:01 PM, FleaBagger (27.32) wrote:

Considering that Bombay is no longer a real place name, you may have gotten fleeced.

On an entirely unrelated note, I have some oceanfront property in Tennessee I am willing, nay, desperate to sell. Get it now, while I'm under the gun, and you're sure to get a good price.

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#3) On November 04, 2009 at 9:57 AM, TMFMmbop (29.92) wrote:

Eh, I don't run into many folks who actually call it Mumbai. Similarly, Saigon is still what people there call "Ho Chi Minh City."

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