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The Best Investment Advice I Have Ever Given



July 18, 2012 – Comments (0)


 Modern money is nothing more than a piece of paper respresenting debt. It is a note legal tender for debt and it's printed right on every bill.

 Debt is merely the promises we make to each other and how we control each other.

When we have created more debts than can be mathematically paid back, those debts become legally unenforceable due to impossiblity of performance.

 However, in a world where few of us produce what we consume, we all depend on debts to control the lives of others....and when the system is bankrupt, we have a big problem as control and production breaks down.

 There is a solution to this mess:

 Since it is becoming increasingly impossible to fulfill the debts to each other...with new innovations and sustainable technology, we can transfer the debts/production away from each other towards technology....and only then can we truly free ourselves of our dependence to control each other with debt.

 If we try to enforce what is rapidly becoming impossible obligations...we should all be preparing for the biggest fight in human history as 7 billion people around the world try to control each other in a bankrupt world.
Take a look at Udder World....with creative thinking, advancing innovations and sustainable technology, we can free ourselves of our need to control each other with debt to produce the things we need to survive and thrive.

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