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The Big 3,Corperate Amercia,Wall Street and how you spent your money during elections.



December 05, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GLD

Well here I go again tilting at windmills and messing in the affairs of Kings. Do you think now the above in the title are beating themselves up for not making donations to the Ron Paul campaign and working to get him elected? I mean really now what nincompoops do we have? Lets see. In a year from now we could have been on the road recovering.                                      No IRS>No FED>No Treasury> NO TAXES> SMALL GOVERNMENT> NO MEDICARE OR SOCIAL SECURITY TAXES>FAIR TRADE not jobs shipped overseas> Secure Boarders>Free Ramos and Compion the boarder patrol officers.>  Instead we have just entered into a Depression and the Paid Lairs and members of congress and the IMF just called the start of the Recession Dec. of 07 all the time telling us the economy is strong. I guess it will be another year before they tell us it is a depression.  In the mean time they will spend us into being a 6th world country like Zambasway.  When that happens I wonder how many people in corperate America  will be kicking themselves for not taking Ron Paul and his message seriously and donating to his run.

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