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The Bloom Box And Geothermal Energy Comparison



February 25, 2010 – Comments (0)

This isn't about a relationship between the two, but rather one of the developments in the north is looking at existing drill holes close to communities as potential sites for geothermal electrical plant.  Apparently to make a small plant for a small community as where I live the thermal energy needs to be harnessed from about 2-4 km below the surface and existing drill holes can be in that range.

The idea of doing this from existing drill holes is fairly new and this is developmental work.  So get this, the cost for this developmental work -- $10 to $20 million.  We have about 160 homes in this community and I worked it out to $62500 to $125000 per home of capital investment.  This would only provide electricity, not heat.

From the story on the Bloom Box it would take 2 of those $800k generators to provide enough energy for 200 families, so that would be 1.6 million, or  $10,000 per home and their would be the capacity to increase by about 40 homes.  You would still need some kind of fuel. 

Right now electricity is massively expensive here and it is generated from diesel. 

I have no idea how much of that $10-20 million is developmental costs, but if it isn't a significant portion geothermal energy is massively expensive to develop.




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