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The Brock Lesner Zone



July 12, 2009 – Comments (1)

Thoughts on UFC 100 

A nice weekend break from our troubles

ESPN's Bill Simmons, one of the greatest sports writers of the digital age, once defined a mental condition called the Tyson Zone.  Basically, it works like this:  if at any point we could attach any absolutely insane and ridiculous rumor to a celebrity and it would have plausability simply because the celebrity in question was absolutely insane and ridiculous.

For example: "Did you hear Mike Tyson let his tiger loose in Governor Schwarzaneggers' mansion last week?"

You can see that's totally believable from a character stand point.  It doesn't have to be true.  For all we now it has happened already.

Brock Lesner has his work cut out for him if he expects to pass the immortal Mike Tyson, but if his thoroughly ridiculous post fight interview with Joe Rogan is any indication, he's on his way.  Here are some highlights:

On avenging the ankle lock that Frank Mir used to beat him in their first matchup:

"I pulled the horse shoe out of his ass and beat him over the head with it."

On sponsorship:

"I'm gonna go drink a Coors Light.  That's Coooors, cuz Bud Light won't pay me sh*t!"

On the interconnectedness of MMA and marital relations:

"I just got on top of him.  I think I might go home and get on top of my wife tonight."

Now that's a lucky lady.

It was the headline bout of an up and down UFC 100.  Lesnar beat Mir badly, then tried to beat him up again after the fight was ended, and then gave the booing fans the double bird (ya know, to keep up foreign relations, right Maverick?) as he openly taunted a bloodied Mir.  I don't know much about Lesner's WWE history, but I guess he enjoys being the heel.

My quick thoughts on the other fights:

Georges St. Pierre is technically fantastic and the greatest grappler I've ever seen.  On the flip side, the Brazilian kid (forget his name already) displayed a lot of heart and strength just to keep fighting for 5 tough rounds.  It was a mismatch, but the kid never gave up.

The best moment of the night was not Henderson's knockout of Bisping, nor Henderson saying he was happy to shut him up for at least a little while, nor Henderson inviting the entire arena out for a beer at a local pub after the event.  It was the flying punch/elbow that Henderson landed after Bisping was already clearly unconscious.  This is what happens when you make an old man angry.  Henderson wanted to hurt Bisping, and he did.  He laid unconscious for a good three minutes.

The worst moment of the night for me was the judges' decision in the Belcher vs. Akiyama undercard.  Belcher dominated one round completely and the two other rounds were blemished by single Akiyama takedowns, which Belcher quickly and easily escaped.  It was not pure domination on Belcher's part, but he was clearly in control and the superior fighter.  Not only did he lose a split decision, but one judge inexplicably awarded Akiyama all three rounds.  Huh, and I thought boxing judges sucked.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

David in Qatar

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#1) On July 12, 2009 at 2:12 PM, kdakota630 (29.12) wrote:

After the Lesnar fight, I came to the conclusion that Lesnar is very comfortable playing the heel.

Because of his WWE past, there are UFC people who are simply never going to like him and want to see him beat.  So what does Lesnar do?  Everything he can to annoy the hell out of them.  And they'll all buy a ticket or pay for his next PPV to see him get beat, driving up his value as a UFC fighter.  He knows how to play the game, and UFC loves him for it.

I think I'm in complete agreement with everything else you wrote.  Watching GSP in the octagon taking opponents to the mat is like watching a baseball player or golfer with a textbook swing.  He makes it look so smooth and easy it's like a work of art.

Also, I think I need to rewatch the Akiyama fight again.  Apparently I'm in the minority, but I thought he got that best of that fight as well.

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