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The Cart, The Horse, the Sensor......The Chicken or the Egg...



January 09, 2010 – Comments (5)

The last two days have spawned a dirth of blogs on Censorship, meaningful blogs, and the CAPS community. It appears that I missed a few parts of the sequence as well and I suspect others also did. 

In regard to our resident Toad getting banned,

There are only date stamps on the blogs, not timestamps.

As such, I don't know what happened first:

1. Thehypnotoad broke a three year pattern and let lose with three of his All Glory's in one salvo. 

2. A poster complained about one and he fired off two more?

I might also suspect that:

3.  It's very hard to sometimes tell if your blog/post "took".  There are often glitches where the graphics/test don't show unless you refresh.  You think your post/update was not saved, so you do it again.   Maybe Toad didn't know he blogged three times.

4. There are two on the 6th of January and 3 on the 7th, none earlier in January. Maybe he was catching up the month, although again, this would not be the norm.

The blogs are removed from the blog list, so I can't tell the sequence.

When we see the same comment in a blog multiple times we think the writer is spamming or emphasizing thier point, but often they just don't see it was added.  IF it was a catch-up maneuver, it was unwarranted and hypnotoad did deserve a reminder of how blogs scroll off other blogs.

I do know that in the exhange one posters blog slide further down the list and he was also frustrated. The Blogs/comments on hypno's three All Glory's, apparently from at least two bloggers, (for one it was his first blog ever),  apparently got him banned from the one liners that to most people have no substanance.

Seeing three All Glory's at the same time would clearly be a nuscience to many people, familiar or not with our resident toad who posts these vague non-investable blogs.

Given thehypnotoad's three year pattern of consistancy, the banning still seems a little extreme, but I understand it a little better.  Given the three year history of thehypnotoad NOT blogging more than once per day, however, a little leeway at first might have been warranted.  The moderators, however, can tell if the three were spaced and more likely intentional, I cannot.

I still abide by my last blog that blogging here includes blogs we may not agree with, non-investing topics and often items we may disagree with.  All are part of what makes us a community.

thehypnotoad's 134 blogs last year, 2.5 per week, may not be about investing ,but as said by others, including a few with TMF in their names, they remind us to lighten up a little. The world is still here, maybe the markets are behaving "foolishly", maybe we had a bad day, but tomorrow is another day.  It survived yesterday, it will survive today, and it will be here tomorrow.

I can see where others may just see it as spam, but again, we are a diverse community, some of us see it as a fixture and a reminder of tomorrow.

There were some good suggestions the last few days.  And Foolanthropy got a lot of $0.10 worth. One poster offered there $0.02, but until midnight last night, we took the full dime.

Jakiliathehun reminded us that many open forums have ignore features, if the title or author isn't enough warning.

The leftside of many blog windows shows the last 5, how about more, but I see we need room for our sponsors.  The actual blog page does have more and I think that's were most of us go when we're in a blog reading mode.  WE might see something on the "newest blog posts" that catch our eye, but that's a teaser section.

In regard to content, we are diverse, and I pointed out that there were over 800 that had funny in the title, the majority that were jokes.  Clearly not all funny to all, but a welcome break on caps and clear from the title.  There are holiday greetings, troop well wishes, health/family commits, and plenty of ranting about those out of fiscal control.  Do we stop ALL non-investing blogs?  The forums are where the meat is done on a particular stock pick.  I encourage people to use the forums more when they have a taste for steak.

Again, I don't know what happened first. Three hypnotoad posts the same day, hypno frustrated by a critical blogger, a clunky interface, etc. I understand the moderators are under pressure to control the boards after the spamming fiasco we had a few months ago.  Defining spam is in the eyes of the beholder. The spam that we woke up to on the boards was often penny stock hype.  One might not feel that hypno adds to the investing world here, but again, he lightens some of our days.  He clearly isn't trying to sell anything.

IN regard to "All glory" to a toad being offensive. I do see the analogy others have made, but no one, (well maybe tmfbrent), believes hypnotoad is real. 

Let's use this experience to improve our community.  Let's use it to understand that there is some diversity here and while not all of it may mean anything to you, that it may mean something to someone else.

Again, my aplogies that I didn't see that hypno had three "All glories" on January 7th and my reply to another blogger regarding this. This doesn't change my comment that we need a better way of doing things, just that sometime we need to get our facts together along with our emotions.

My respect to TMF for dealing with us children!!!

TSIF,  the sky isn't falling today,  unless we let it.


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#1) On January 09, 2010 at 3:39 PM, Tastylunch (28.56) wrote:

I think you are missing the rela consiparcy here TSIF, they banned last inute to spark a last minute drive of comments for charity!


in all seriousness a tag or folder systems is almthat's needed. even ignore is uncessary i think.

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#2) On January 09, 2010 at 3:54 PM, TSIF (99.98) wrote:

I hope it cost MF the full $20,000 committment.  The $0.10 sure add up and if they hadn't hit the $20k before the "toad incident of 2010", then I'm sure that helped the cause!

I hadn't had time to blog, closing out some 2010 "stuff" and I still am behind starting the new year, but darn-it, I just can't ignore real "Foolishness".   There are lots of ways the boards could be mitigated.  Clearly us children shouldn't be left on our own nor should be expected not to rebel if "the man" puts the hammer on us!

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#3) On January 09, 2010 at 7:00 PM, streetflame (29.31) wrote:

TSIF (99.12) wrote: "dirth"


"dearth" doesn't mean what you think it means.

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#4) On January 09, 2010 at 9:34 PM, JibJabs (87.45) wrote:

Copy and paste             All glory to the HypnoToad

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#5) On January 09, 2010 at 9:36 PM, JibJabs (87.45) wrote:


errr - use this link 

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