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The Cloud



June 25, 2011 – Comments (0)

At Udder World....we understand that Cloud Based Functioning is eliminating jobs faster than anything in history.

eMail is replacing snail mail

digital delvery of movies, books, newspapers, and music is eliminating manufacturing, shipping, retailing, and brick and mortar jobs at rates never seen before in history

pretty soon, digital money will eliminate the need for banks and online education will eliminate the need for schools

In a system that depends on jobs for incomes and tax receipts, the loss of massive amounts of jobs will collapse the economy forcing nations simply to print currency to maintain the illusion of functioning systems.

Most of you will find it uncomfortable that your job or current functioning is not really relevant in a cloud based world........but don't worry, new functions will arise....where the convulsions will likely enter is in the transition period which we are heading into....

It is bankrupting the old economy and driving unrest globally.......

You can keep staring at the ticker and avoid the problem is you wish....but we at are certain the issue will come to you.

Don't Fear....PREPARE......the Sustainable Cloud Based World is here.

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