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May 25, 2013 – Comments (0)

For over 30 years, we Americans have been nurtured to be consumers
Our education system intensively trained us to be consumers
Those that resisted the consumption curriculum were medicated
The jobs that... were waiting for us were built around our own consumption
The media and entertainment contantly reinforced the virtues of consumption
Our military routinely slaughtered others to control resources so we could keep consuming
The financial system enabled this behavior by loaning us OVER $50 trillion dollars in just 30 years
Because of our dependency on bank debt and currency, dollars and financial institutions became our gods
And even our president told Americans to go shopping after 9-11 when our consumption freedom was questioned
Following the tragic events of 9-11, Americans lost their capacity to question and many turned into zombies
No group in history has consumed as much of the world's resources as the American consuming zombies
However, Zombies have now proliferated around the world creating an environment called Zombulation
Conditions have become so extreme that millions globlly are dying from pollution every year
Conflicts are now spreading around the world to control resources to maintain consumption
Zombulation is depleting resources worldwide to levels threatening future sustainability
Yet the zombies can't stop and still support the criminal and corrupt banking system
Consuming is all the zombies know......and consumption is environmentally destroying the planet
It's now clear the bankers are choosing to eradicate the zombies globally by cutting off credit
Credit is the lifeblood of zombie consumption and a necessary tool for zombies to survive
Zombies no longer produce what they consume so they depend on credit for trading
Without credit, there can be no consumption and without consumption zombies die
Stress and frustration is rising globally as the bankers select which zombies to kill
The media is lying to the zombies so a selected few can keep consuming
Many are now confused because consumption is all the zombies know
Consumption was the only system that the zombies were told to trust
And now the corrupt bankers and politicians are destroying this system and millions are suffering within it
It must choose between a fraudulent financial system or save the billions who are victims of it
Neither choice offers a sustainable solution for the planet...but there is a way to win

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