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The CZAR Stock: Obama's Favored Enterprise Corporation



July 07, 2009 – Comments (0)

*Spoof*   A little known equity trading in the bulletin boards is the "CZAR" Stock, which is the CZAR corporation's ticker symbol.

Since becoming President, Barack Obama has tapped the resources of the CZAR corporation for all sorts of regulations that only a CZAR can manage.  So far we have seen the creation of 32 CZARs with a possible "Federal Insurance CZAR" becoming CZAR #33.  This in turn has generated a more than 50% year over year growth for the CZAR corporation.

This is good news for a struggling company that has seen its share price slaughtered, its equity removed from the NASDAQ and placed on the Bulletin Boards, because no CZARs were needed for the TARP spending bill of 2008 or the $600 Stimulus Check, during President Bush.  There simply was a total lack of need to create CZARs back then.

With President Obama, the CZAR business has not only picked up.. It has been put on Steroids, Human Growth Hormones, Protein Shakes, Speed, and Epinephrine Shots.

President Obama'a ambitious goals have motivated his decision to create 32 CZARs which include:

1) CZAR of Flossing

2) CZAR of Ticker Symbols

3) CZAR of Taxing the Internet

4) Soda-Pop Pinski  CZAR

5) Napkin Holder CZAR

6) "Are we there yet?"  CZAR

7) "I inherited this recession" CZAR

8) CZAR of  bowing to the Royal Saudi King 

9)  Monopoly Board Game CZAR

and our personal favorite

10)  The Human Resources CZAR (needed to manage all the hiring of all these CZARs)

We believe that despite the share dillution and its Bulletin Board Status, that (CZAR) is a huge growth story for at least 3.5 more years.  We give this 6 out of 5 Motley Fool Stars (48,000 Outperform vs. 0 Underperform ratings).

If President Obama can keep going at the current pace of generating CZAR after CZAR for such things as Liposuction CZAR, Mamogram CZAR, and the more recent "Swine Flu" CZAR, then (CZAR) CZAR Corporation will quadruple their earnings within 12 months....

Now that's a Growth Story We can Believe in!

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