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The Death Sprial Has Arrived



March 10, 2010 – Comments (1)

When you zombulate a nation, practically every dollar of its citizens must be spent on servicing interest or supporting government.....we are just about there as much of the nation has or is starting to shut down....

"We are very close, if not already in, a health care death spiral," Chief Operating Officer David Small said.

Jackson could run out of cash and shut by May or sooner, Lapciuc said, and the county mayor said officials were preparing to advance the hospital some money.

"Sadly, it's not all that unique," Larry S. Gage, president of the National Association of Public Hospitals & Health System, said of financial difficulties like the one Jackson is facing.

Millions of people across the country have lost jobs and the insurance that goes with them over the last two years. Hospitals, including in the Jackson network, are dealing with more uninsured patients, at the same time they are facing cuts in state and county funding. That has translated into cuts in staff, services and administrative costs at many hospitals across the nation. The financial woes come as President Barack Obama continues to push for a stalled health care overhaul.

Gage pointed to other examples of extreme financial problems. He said the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation which, depending on state legislation, is looking at anywhere from half-billion to a billion dollars in deficits soon.

Several major California county systems could have deficits in the hundreds of millions, Gage said.

"Obviously the net effect for some patients will be if a facility or services closes down at a particular location you will have to go somewhere else," Gage said.

Jackson Health system is considering cutting 4,500 jobs and closing two hospitals, which have about 500 beds combined. Lapciuc said supplies are currently adequate but, "vendors sooner or later are going to start being very wary." Besides the county, Jackson is looking to state and federal sources for help.

Jackson Memorial is the only Level One trauma center, capable of handling the most severe medical emergencies, set up to provide 24-hour emergency care in Miami-Dade, the most populous county in Florida and the 8th largest in the nation.

Jackson sought to reassure patients.

"Although Jackson is in the midst of a financial crisis, we want to assure all patients -- past, current and future -- that our hospitals, emergency rooms and clinics throughout Miami-Dade County are open for business," a hospital statement said.

At some point....the money simply runs out when you take the accumulated savings of retirement accounts and loan trillions to money losing businesses, municipalities, hospitals, families that have lost incomes, state governments, school districts, idiotic private equity deals and much much more......

Who could have ever predicted that hospitals would be shutting down across America as a result of Zombulation??????.............

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#1) On March 15, 2010 at 1:19 PM, chk999 (99.96) wrote:

I'm very scared of Sprials.

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