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The Debt Debate -- A 3rd Grade Lesson Plan



August 03, 2011 – Comments (3)

I was trying to think of a good analogy to the debt ceiling/deficit reduction debat this morning (because these are the things I think about while bored, ugh) and I thought this was fitting. Here is how I would explain the debate to a 3rd grade class. 

Playing the role of the Tea Party is the boss and playing the role of President Obama is the employee.  

Setting the scene: The boss needs a 20% improvement in this employee's productivity for the business to survive (assume productivity improvement - raise = business improvement), but the boss has promised the board of directors he will not give any raises this year. 

Boss calls employee into the office for a meeting. 

Boss: I'm going to need you to work 25% more this year than you did last year or the business will go under.

Employee: What do I get out of this?

Boss: You'll collect the same pay check you did last year.

Employee: But I'm barely scraping by at home. I can work more but I need a raise.

Boss: No.

Employee: How about I work 20% more for a 10% raise?

Boss: No.  

Employee: 20% more for a 5% raise?

Boss: No.

Employee:25% more for a 5% raise?

Boss: No.

Employee: My final offer -- I will work 30% more for a 5% raise.

Boss: Get the hell out of my office. You're fired. 

The boss is forced to hire a worker who will work 10% more than the previous worker for the same pay and a few months later the business is bankrupt. 

Teacher: See how there were two offers made that would have kept the business afloat but because of a promise made to the board the boss was unwilling to give ANY raise. Does this made any sense if you want the business to survive? 

Kids: No 

And this is how I explain the debt debate to a 3rd grade class.  

Travis Hoium


3 Comments – Post Your Own

#1) On August 03, 2011 at 1:15 PM, PeteysTired (< 20) wrote:

I am extremely happy to see the tea party bug the crap out of people.  Thank god there are more and more of us average everyday people who look at this whole scam and say "wait a minute, how can we continue to spend more and more?"

We just want a smaller gov't.

If we bring the entire country down, then so be it, but I don't think so.  Corporatism is mighty entrenched in this society.

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#2) On August 03, 2011 at 1:26 PM, TMFFlushDraw (93.61) wrote:

"If we bring the entire country down, then so be it"? Really!?!? That's exactly the attitude I want in Congress. 

I totally credit them with changing the debate. I just question the wisdom of being so entrenched you can't accept anything but exactly what you want. We could have had ~$4 trillion in deficit reduction with compromise (including more cuts than was passed) but instead we end up with ~2.2 trillion. 

Isn't 4 > 2.2? Or doesn't that matter. 

As John Stewart said, "I'm sorry government still exists and there's still things like traffic lights".  

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#3) On August 03, 2011 at 1:34 PM, PeteysTired (< 20) wrote:

Not against gov't at all.  Compromise is what got us into this mess.  I am done compromising and have explained to my legislators of the fact.  If they choose to ignore, then all I can say is I tried.

We will not be the reserve currency with current spending ways...sorry, but this is how I feel.  I am tired of compromise.

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