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The Digital Age Will Save MASSIVE Resources



March 14, 2011 – Comments (0)

We won't need over 500,000 postal workers operating over 200,000 vehicles consuming about half a billion gallons of gasoline.

We won't need over 6,000,000 teachers and professors driving to and from over 35,000 massive school building consuming billions of gasoline each year.

We won't need to consume massive amounts of fuel manufacturing and distribution paper and plastic DVDs/CDs.

Sales people will not waste massive amounts of time and consume insane amounts of fuel visiting customers when purchases and presentation will be able to be made online.

We will ALL be able to work out of our homes in virtual environments like thousands of IBM workers are doing TODAY on Second Life.

The savings of natural resourses will be incredible allowing the ENTIRE world to participate in the prosperity of humanity.

Distribution will be basically free and instant GLOBALLY......

The above will disrupt most existing economic models of Supply and Demand because models assume limited supply.  In a world of unlimited supply of the Digital Age....much of what we pay dearly for will be free or nearly free.

It will be age of greater participation in human advancement, where millions of scients will ALL be able to research disease and innovate solutions for humanity collaberatively in real will be a

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