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April 26, 2013 – Comments (1)

They need to be  embarassed  with  what  they  tried  to do  with  punishing  fliers  to  push for  the  agenda  to get more  taxes  out  of  citizens.

First  off   the  budget  for  the  bloated  DTA and FAA have nearly  double  over  the past few years  and  what  have  we  gotten  ?

Sequestrian   was  originally  proposed by  the president  thinking he  was playing  chicken  with  the  counter  party  and  that  they  would  sterve  first  and  he   could  push  his  agenda  after all a bunch of  idiots  had  voted  for  him not  once now  but  twice...  wtf...

So  whats  the  plan  ?   punish  flyers,  make  it   so  that  congress  ends  sequestrian ? 

The messed up  part  is  that   the  FTA  and  DTA  are more than  fully  funded  they  actually  have the  money  to   operate   in  fact  they actually  have  excess money  that  even with  returning  money  or  say spending  less  they  could  still continue.

But  no  these idiots  in  Government and  by  Idiot  let  me  point  to  the  democratic  party  ~  or  who ever is  in   charge.

They easily  could  take  unused  money or  money  from lesser needed areas  at  the airport.

OMG  have  you flown lately ?   those  scanners  are  pathetic    and  the  people who work there  are  horrible   I  never  felt  more  like   a  criminal  going   thru  the  security.

I had  to  get  scanned  4  times  and  they almost were  ready  to  scan  me again  ?

I  tried  to go thru  security without  placing  my  wallet  in  the  bins  ?  wtf ?  what brilliant  idea is  it  to place  your  identification and  money  in  a  bin  ?    Anyways  I  decided  to hold onto  my  wallet  after all it was  filled  with  cash   and  after  my  ordeal  I  ask  so  what  am  I suppose to do with my  $$$   and  the security  guy is  like  well  if  you feel  uneasy  you  can  take the money out of  your wallet and put it  in  your  pockets.

My pockets  really ?  I  also went  thru  with  a comb  in my pockets and  that  set off  their  scanner  allegedly  as  they  were worried  about something in my  back  pocket  as well as  when  I did  go thru  the scanners  multiple times   after  going  thru   the  guy took my wallet  opened it up in front  of  me  and looked  thru  it  which  was  why I was  able to talk to the guy and   ask  " so what am I suppose to do with my money ?".

It's  ridiculously  they say  those  machines  are  safe  ?  but  are they ?  wtf  ?   when I went  thru  security  outside  of   the  USA   they  don't  make  you take off  your shoes  they  don't  have  those  stupid  scanners  where  you  have to  stand  still and  have  your  body scanned.

I think about  all  the taxes  that I pay,  the  extra  fees  on tickets only  to have  to be  subjected  to  the bs  at  the airports  and  now  after   these idiots  in  government   have  more than enough  money and  continue  to waste  money  on  stupid  agenda's,  programs,  repaying  lobbying,   they  want  to play games  and   inflict   further  pains  by  forcing  them  to  further restrict  flights  and  create more  delays.

It  has  been  roughly  5  years  since  I've last flown  and  I tell  you  back  than  it  sucked but  it  was  better,  and  than  before  9-11  it sucked but  at least  it  was  better.

Its time  we  take back  perks  from these idiots  in  government,  no more  military  flights   or  air  force one...  lets make  Obama  and  other gov officials  go thru  the security lines,  make  them  be  forced to buy water  and  get to the  airport 3 hours  early  only  to spend 2  and  one half hours  waiting  at the airport  only to than discover  that  their  flights  have  been delayed because of  politics.

Lets  end  free parking  for  gov  officials, hell lets stop paying  them  as  they  aren't worth  a  damn dollar let alone  the hundreds of thousands  they get not to mention  free  lifetime  health care and  separate special pensions.

With all this  security,  did  you hear  about  the  airport employee  who didn't have his boarding pass and  still  managed  to get on   his flight by  by-passing  security  and  going  thru   the  employees  doors to get on the plane on the other side.

Its  ridiculous, 






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#1) On April 26, 2013 at 1:17 PM, L0RDZ (90.09) wrote:

Worse  still  are decisions to    reduce limit  the  number  of  inspectors who  grade  beef   essentially   increasing  the  costs  of  meats ~   meanwhile   they  have   money  for  stupid  things  like   making  portraits  of   out  going  czars  and  dept  heads.

Its  ironic  every  other  week  it  seems  like  our  gov  is  out  on  some  kind  of  vacation  or  holiday.

We  are going  to have  money  for  that idiot Biden  to  go  to  the victims  of   the  Boston  bombing and  to most likely  say something stupid   as  in  the  case  of  when  he  asked  the family  of   that  Ben Gha zi   person   if  their  son  always  had  balls  the size  of  grape fruits  or  something  to that effect.

We  will  have  money  for  Obama  to  go out  on  golf  outings   and  to go anywhere  ~  heck  why  don't  he  simply  fly  over to France and  parade around  there  I'm sure  he'll be  very popular  overseas.

The NRCC has compiled a “waste list” totaling $42,642,721,597 from its findings. Some of its expenditures include:

Dancing iPhone robots–$547,430: “Part of a $547,430 grant from the National Science Foundation went to the development of a dancing robot that connects to an iPhone.”

Talking urinal cakes–$10,000: “Federal funds were used to purchase 400 anti-drunk driving talking urinal cakes.”YouTube video contest–$106,000: “$106,000 was spent on a YouTube video contest to promote eating fruits and vegetables.” Cupcakes–$2,000,000: “10 cupcake stores received $2 million in taxpayer-funded loans.”“Healthy food” initiative - $32,000,000: “$32 million was spent to increase access to healthy foods in low-income communities with no measurable result.” Robot squirrels–$325,000: “Researchers received part of a grant to construct robotic squirrels to test if they are attacked by rattlesnakes the same way real squirrels are.” 


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