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The Emperors New Clothes.



April 26, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GS , SVL , GLD

Let me get this straight. Greece is bankrupt. Bankrupt Germany Spain United States IMF will help bail them out. Remember that our fed is part of the IMF. Just like GS the hedge fund owners also own a bank. Then we are going to trade air. Remember not regular air. Carbon Dioxide. The air you and I an all living animals breath. Who started this one. GS> Al Gore. Yep This is going so well. The banking reform will be helped along by the current President's Staff. You know the people who worked at GS>

CCX  exchange for the climate carbon exchange. Old owners of Fannie Mae and GS.  Oh so round and round we go. Yep this is change we can believe in and the Emperor has no clothes. We are closer now than ever to a one world banking system that Geinther and others want like GS want. Globalization or a code word for a New World Order. After all this mess you wonder why I am a Ron Paul Supporter? In the health care bill and I do believe that one of the many stimulates money went for Electronic Medical upgrades. GE will benefit. After all they make the Electronic Medical product. GE? Did they get part of the TARP also? Yep the Corporation of America is running well. Our CEO Obama is bowing down to the Titans of industry. Did you not hear him call the Titans of Banking to come and join him>? They know to just put up a little fight to make him look good. They are one of many puppet strings. Does Vonage get the some of the new apple pie? Should I also short ATT because they will loose market share. Barnes and Noble will now sell the NOOK at Best Buy. Should I buy Best Buy? What a wonderful world this could be.Time to forget all of this and relax and thank god for my many blessings.  

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