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The EU attacking USA Companies



June 04, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: INTC , MSFT , HPQ

 I have been educating the EU on their attacks on American companies ( MSFT, INTC, HPQ, AAPL ) as those attacks, and the manner the EU carries them out,  directly impacts every USA citizen.   Apparently, The EU finally, got the message that the "fines" are detrimental to stockholders ... and stockholders are consumers ...    We are under NO obligation to purchase EU products ...  this is one of their recent replies to me. 

 I especially note the part: " ... which has been transmitted to the relevant services of the European Commission for their input and took therefore longer to be answered...." 

 I also think the "Congratulations USA, we've just been EU MUGGED!" got their attention.   


 ------------ Forwarded message ------------
Date: Jun 2, 2009
Subject: RE : [Case_ID: 0152568 / 0000000] EU attacks on USA companies
To: ************************** 


Dear Mr. ************,

We acknowledge receipt of your message which has been transmitted to the relevant services of the European Commission for their input and took therefore longer to be answered. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you.

In reply to your question we would like to inform you that many non-EU companies sell their products globally, including in the European Union, which tends to be one of their main markets. They must therefore respect EU competition rules in the same way that European companies must respect the laws of other countries when operating outside the EU. More information about the international cooperation in the field of competition can be found in the brochure “EU competition policy and the consumer”, available on the website of the  Directorate-General (DG) for Competition:

Please click on “EU competition policy and the consumer”.

Moreover, we suggest that you consult the press releases about the Commission’s antitrust action against Intel, available on the RAPID portal:

Please select “Search complete database”, insert “SPEECH/09/241”  (“MEMO/09/235” and IP/09/745 respectively) as reference, and start the search in order to consult the documents.  

For further information, please contact the above mentioned DG, by using the below e-mail address:

We hope that this information is of use to you.

With kind regards,

EUROPE DIRECT Contact Centre

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Please note: We will try to ensure that you receive the information requested, or to direct you to an appropriate source. However, we are unable to comment on specific issues pertaining to EU policy, and information provided by EUROPE DIRECT may not be considered as legally binding.

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11. Origin : EDCC
12. Subject: EU attacks on USA companies
13. Question:

As a stockholder, and as an American, I am writing to Intel to terminate
the sale of all Intel chips to the EU.

Just because the EU isn't sticking a gun in our USA faces, doesn't mean
we aren't being mugged !! The money the EU is stealing comes out of the
stock price, OUR 401Ks, OUR IRAs. OUR market accounts, ... look back ...
with every fine the USA market drops on a LOT of stocks. Even if we don't
own the EU targeted stock ... we're STILL taking a hit to our accounts.

Congratulations USA, we've just been EU MUGGED!

I am tired of the incessant, unending attacks on American companies. I
am tired of EU endeavoring to impose its "global competition" views, the
views the WTO REJECTED, outside the EU territorial limits. I am tired
of an EU that repeatedly oversteps the LIMITS of EU authority and is
interfering in USA's soveriegn RIGHTS to make, and enforce, our own

I am personally boycotting ALL EU products. I am reaching out to all my
fellow Americans, and USA stockholders everywhere, to boycott ALL EU
products, ALL EU travel, anything EU and I am beginning to see success
in my efforts.

14. End of message.

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