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alstry (< 20)

The Final Phase Of The Industrial Age



July 18, 2010 – Comments (2)

The Final Phase.....

As everything around you is now primed to shut down due to credit being cut back to a credit dependent consumer economy....something needs to be done to prevent the sheep from stampeding.

An environment must be created to keep the sheep orderly as fewer and fewer will have anything to do....

We have already destroyed Real comes government and health care.

The question is what will the mechanism be to impose Marshall Law(you know, a world where you can't have seperate but equal in a Globalized system).....will it be Martial Law?

Will it be a terrorist group terrorizing the world?  Will it be a war?  You should be certain it will be something because we are well on the way to shutting down the Industrial Age....

If you listen to Buffett, he seems to hint at terrorism in recent you rarely here him talking about production and debt anymore like he used to....

If you follow our troop movements and massive military build up despite record deficits, war seems to be the direction.

You know the end is near when the nations are simply printing money without any substantive production behind it....very similar to the period prior to the fall of the Roman Empire when lesser metals were mixed with the gold and silver coins to print money Roman style.

Any Fool knows you just can't print without production....otherwise money is worthless because soon the producers stop accepting it.

In the end, although the facts are unique, the patterns are the same.....but this time it is not just an empire that is about to is an the transformation will be much more convulsive than anything the world has ever seen before.

For a period of time it is likely money, gold, silver, real estate, and investments will have little is simply what happens during very convulsive periods....and travelling to other nations will likely offer little benefit because whatever is about to happen is going to affect the world....the entire world.

In a world where a single untrained college student, or even high school student, can simply walk into class and gun down dozens of his/her fellow classmates and teachers with little resistance...imagine the havoc that can be created if a few were motivated and trained to create disruptions?

The time has come to end the Industrial knew it when the bankers started cutting off credit.......what the final act will be is still uncertain....but one thing for will be BIG.

Welcome to the Digital will be exciting.

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#1) On July 18, 2010 at 12:21 PM, dinodelaurentis (86.18) wrote:

Just an interesting note, this is exactly the plot of "The Sheep Look Up" by John Brunner (1972?). A good read and spot on with your predictions and questions here down to the "muckers" (people who snap under pressure and act out in fatal ways).

Have you been reading 35 year old science fiction???

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#2) On July 18, 2010 at 12:38 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

I have never heard of the book....I have never been much of a reader and my spelling beers that out;)

I have always had a much stronger math orientation...especially as it applies to probability and logic.

All you have to do is reflect to yourself.....OK, we are cutting off credit so a society that depends on credit all levels......thus you know that the system is dying and soon will be dead.

The problem is the people aren' least not yet.

So what do you do with a bunch of people with nothing to do?

New Law will Lead to Greener Furniture But Higher Prices

Nebraska State Tax Revenues Drops 


and ask yourself, is there a segment of the population that consumes a bunch of the world's resources and carbon yet produces relatively little...they would be the logical first choice to get rid of by the powers that want to make the world greener.

After that, you have to start thinking.......

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