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The Fools Want To Screw America and Americans



May 29, 2012 – Comments (0)

According to Warren Buffett....we would all have been EQUAL had the government not bailed out the financial system.  We all would have been broke, we would have restructured, and moved on with a level playing fieled.....

But nooooo.  The Fools wanted their financial instruments to be bailed out....while tens of millions of their fellow Amercians suffered and continue to suffer under the wrath of taxpayer bailed out Wall Street, Wall Street bankers, and an obsolete economic model.

It is amazing how few the tyranny of this is without a doubt the most unAmerican behavior since the founding of our nation.

It is now time to return Wall Street to where it legally, morally, and ethically the people.  It's time to nationalize Wall Street for the benefit of all and move into a Sustainable Open Source Technologically Driven Economic Model.

Welcome to the

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