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The Full Faith And Credit Of America Is Backed By The U.S. Citizens



March 09, 2011 – Comments (0)

Just like the military might of America is backed by its is the Full Faith And Credit of our Government backing OUR debt.

So if America must default on its debt....just like in any bankruptcy proceeding, it will be forced to take most of the money of its citizens to pay off as much of the debt as possible before defaulting.

It is only morally correct....when the citizens of the U.S. got rich on the U.S. borrowing....those that got rich should be liable to pay it back....whether they are Republican or Democrat.

After all, it is our childrens' future WE ALL borrowed against....and it is only right to give our kids at least a fighting chance at a future as well.

It can sometimes really rain on a parade when you have to inject morality in investing.....but for the past 5000 years, morality always wins in the end....

Why do you think Buffett gave almost all his money back to our kids?

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