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The Funny Thing About Wealth In The Industrial Age



September 08, 2011 – Comments (0)

Let me give you a little background about Alstry's perspective on Wealth....

The programmer of Alstry lives in a pretty affluent neighborhood.....a former Fed President is my neighbor....a Pro Football quarterback just moved in around the corner.....and we are riddled with doctors and lawyers who mostly lean to a liberal political perspective.....

Wealth makes it really easy to be liberal.

But let's get one point clear....not a single one of these people are self-sufficient, and likely not trained to be self-sufficient.  They all depend on government to provide the infastructure so they can safely get their food, water and fuel.....and provide them relative safety in their afflunent neighborhood. 

Why can these people, including Alstry's programmer, live in this neighborhood, where property taxes can easily exceed $30-50K...yet others not enjoy the same benefits.....

BECAUSE their income and assets depend on enough "little" people working to drive revenues and cash flow to their investments or businesses that pay them outsized salaries and dividends....

But as the cash flow is evaporating due to massive numbers of jobs being lost....the cash flow to government and their investments is the businesses are being forced to lie about their accounting, borrow trillions from our retirement accounts....and government is forced to run a $1.6 Trillion dollar deficit simply to try to float this sinking ship.

For those in steerage, the bottom of the ship....they are already relatively wet.....for those in Alstry's neighborhood, the change will be dramatic....especially when the find out they were only rich because enough of their neighbors and fellow citizens HAD jobs.....and they were only rich because Wall Street and Washington borrowed so much to fund their businesses, jobs, and investments.

In the end, we are all COLLECTIVELY can't have INDEPENDENT weatlh in a dependent system, regardless of your perception.....and now we are ALL finding this out as ZOMBULATION, advancing technology replacing human functioning, accelerates impacing more and more.

Welcome to the

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