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October 23, 2010 – Comments (3)

As I write this blog...there is an ad to my right titled The Death of Wal-Mart......what idiot could write such nonsense in the current environment escapes any connection to common sense....

Let's dismiss Walmart's operations and any efficiencies and/or advantages they have from share scale.....which are many.

Last week, Walmart was able to borrow from Wall Street and our pension funds $5 billion dollars at BELOW 1%.......the next day, WalMart could turn around and buy GUARANTEED treasuries at OVER 2% other words, before selling on piece of plastic, Walmart is now earning OVER $100 million per year......for doing essentially NOTHING!!!!...and guaranteed!!!!!

It has now become impossible for most retailers to even compete with Walmart under such conditions.....Walmart could lose $99 million per year in its operations and still be profitable.....there are not many retailers out there that could play that game for very long.

Here is the crazy part about that deal....the banks that sold the bonds made a lot of money.....Walmart and its executives are going to make a lot of money......BUT the pension funds are going to lose millions per year they otherwise could have earned and the U.S. taxpayers are going to get screwed because we have to pay a much higher rate than Walmart to borrow money.....

The taxpayers are subsidizing Wall Street and mainstreet is shutting down......basically Wall Street is shutting down America and America is cheering it on.......

Any bets the pension fund managers are going to make a nice bonus because they bought those bonds and loaned the money to Walmart on such amazing terms......?

We have put Walmart in essentially a MONOPOLY position....simply by giving them billions in FREE money......

If you loaned Alstry $5 trillion dollars at the same rate and terms Walmart borrowed money last week.....I am 100% sure, with the help of a couple of my buddies who were former Wall Street CEOs....we could put Walmart out of business in a relatively short period of time.

My friends...we created anti trust laws to maintain competition in America....but in the Digital Age, there will be little competition, you are going to be told what to eat, when to eat, how to live, and what kind of health care you will receive. 

Timmy the G is already telling the world not to depend on the American consumer....when 75% of your economy is the can be confident we will not have much of the current economy left when Timmy gets through with it.... 

We are already well on our way down that path....Spain was the last country in Europe last week to bank public indoor smoking....soon we will ban all public outdoor smoking.....

That is why I am getting my last cigars in as I blog.....

It is not the end of the world....simply the end of a world as you know it........FLASH.....

As far as is simply a byproduct of the financial holocast that is being imposed on the American private sector by Wall Street and Washington.......many will lose everything as a result, including many lives will likely be lost along the way.....and after enough have been killed or destoryed....I am quite confident many will look back and say.....NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

You think this is the first time something like this has happened before......?  Just never to America......and the crazy may be for humanity's own good in the end.....or it may lead to the biggest war/social upheaval in human history.......

Interesting times indeed.....

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#1) On October 23, 2010 at 3:14 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

Remember what Alstry told you.....houses will be worth ZERO in the Digital Age as millions of foreclosed homes will be rented out by municipalities for merely paying property taxes.......and if commercial land is any indication...some muncipalities are likely to rent you a home for LESS than property taxes.

There is some commerical land that can be obtained for free WITH tax abatements to boot if you develop what happens to houses as millions of homes get foreclosed and millions of families double up into a single residence....

It is not the end of the world....simply the policy of Washington and Wall Street to lower our carbon and consumption footprint.

What will be interesting is at what point will most of the Fools see it.....and what will the reaction be?

Right now most of the "experts" keep lowering the floor on how low housing prices will each gets closer and closer to Alstry....

Home Prices Double Dip in "Sudden Dramatic Drop"; 20% More to Come says Gary Shilling

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#2) On October 23, 2010 at 3:34 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

In the Digital Age...some have unlimited credit......

Presidential entourage books all 570 rooms in 5-star Taj Mahal Hotel...

Most others will have no credit.....

Cash Strapped Gov. Ramping up Tax Collection Efforts

Felts Shoes in Downtown Siloam Springs AR

Dustin's Jewelers, 2872 Wilma Rudolph Blvd

Debut 2 Consignment Shop in Des Moines

Sandwich Construction Company in Woodbury CT

Video Place in Holbrook MA

Brass Knob Back Doors Warehouse

Jack Cellars in Maple Leaf Seattle

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#3) On October 23, 2010 at 10:01 PM, Bays (29.21) wrote:

I laugh at that ad as well.  Wal Mart is far from dead... lol

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