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The GIQ Machine (byline: "Better Data Mining for CAPS")



April 16, 2008 – Comments (0)

This is mostly a re-post of a reply that I gave bhessel in his/her blog found here, with some extra comments tossed in for good measure.  Even though the blog was featured on CAPS' main page, I think it deserves continued attention because I'd like to see the CAPS Team expand upon the searching techniques currently available to us within CAPS, limited as they are. I would encourage anyone who wants more searching options put in place to leave their comments here for the CAPS Team to review at their leisure. Thanks. Here's to better data mining for the common CAPS player! 



... I agree with you that we should be able to see Recs/Pick (a measure of pitch-writing frequency), but more importantly Recs/Pitch (a better measure of pitch substance). I'm not so concerned about whether or not the Recs are for comedy or content, because it's only a subsequent-milepost I use. I filter by Player's Accuracy, then look at their pitches for particular stocks because, essentially, I don't have infinite resources (shocker!) to load up on 200 stocks in real life and expect to survive with anything left to my nest egg if those picks are wrong. I would expect most people are like me in this realm, that being the lack of access to Paris Hilton's trust fund (side note: Paris just narrowly lost out to Dick Cheney in last night's "Root of All Evil", with a clip shown here. She was soooo close). Also, that's the beauty behind mutual funds: mitigate your risk by spreading your losses (but that's also the problem of mutual funds: mitigate your gains by minimizing investments per company). So, I'd much prefer someone to be more Accurate than with more Pitches or Recs/Pitch, but that's just me...

What CAPS really needs (and I hope David Gardner and Crew are listening here) is to be able to include these as parameters in the advanced search options (aka, "Custom Search Queries"). Today, you cannot sort the query-resulting tables by Groupies or Pitch Recs, even though both appear as column headings. Why not? A simple Javascript could do that much column sorting for them today. And why not include Recs/Pitch? Yeah, I know, it's a matter of budget, both monetarily and of CAPS real estate. And it's not making them any money, yet. But, like in "Field of Dreams", I think if they build it, even more people will come. 

Why not build a general purpose search filter with every known table heading that can be found in their Oracle database? (Dave or TMFCHarris, please tell me you guys are using Oracle or SAP, and not Access). Here are some headings I think people should be able to query on, as sample starters for "Report Generation, Part Deux": number of charms, number of groupies, number of total picks (Active + Retired), Pitch/Pick ratios, Recs/Pitch, Sectors Leaders by Accuracy or Avg Pick Rating or Score or Player Rating, Recs/BlogPost, etc.

Just give us one page, tie a simple SQL statement to one of 10 or 15 drop-down choice boxes, letting the user guide the Oracle query in the priority they choose, and be done with it. Wow! We'd have a fantastic and simple-to-use Gigantasaurus Investing Query (GIQ) machine. Here's an example of how the GIQ (geek?) machine might work: the user chooses "Recs/Pitch" in the first listbox, chooses "Accuracy" in the second listbox, chooses "Avg Pick Rating" in the third listbox, then clicks "Go!" and --viola! -- he's got his/her winnowed list, sorted in the priority s/he specified. Furthermore, every column heading in the resulting table could be post-sorted again by clicking on its header.

With the GIQ search machine, people would start tracking all sorts of information! We keep waiting on TMF to pull data out of CAPS, but it's coming too slowly. Don't get me wrong; I absolutely love CAPS and love what the Team has done so far. But I've been playing CAPS for 19 months now, and I'd thought I'd have more feedback by now in this Grand Investing Experiment. It has made me a better investor, but I feel I could still learn so much more...


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