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Vet67to82 (< 20)

The Gov't buyout



January 30, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: CHK , GE , SD.DL

No one gave me what I worked for ... there was a time I had a full time job and 3 parttime jobs, I had no life other than the jobs, hard to spend money too as I was either working or sleeping ... My point is no one knows what they can do until they try, and if everyone keeps looking for the easy way out, the handouts, they will NEVER know what they're made of.

  If the government started building the infrastructure everybody knows we need, you put tax paying Americans to work, at good jobs at decent wages, the tax income will pay down our debt.  If some of that infrastructure is new nuke power plants, producing green, good for the planet energy, the benefits will be less reliance on OPEC crude, which will lower the trade imbalance, and it'll certainly mean countries that fund extremist organisations will have less money to do so.  There are many already approved nuke power plant designs ( good for GE )

We have abundant natural gas supplies.  If we convert 10 - 30% of the nationwide trucking fleet to natural gas, you need LESS OPEC crude, nat gas has the omph to move a 45' tractor trailor and the trucking companies will save on engine maintenance as nat gas burns cleaner, plus no more black clouds would be really nice. (  good for CHK  SD  )

As for the market, figure out if there is any place in the market for CDOs, SIVs, "swaps", and all that other complex no one can understand c--p, if there is, figure out what went wrong, fix it and make a market and market rules for trading it.  Once you have rules and a market, I'm pretty sure it'll be priced accordingly. Mark to the market will no longer be an issue, or a curse.  Worry about the blame game later.  




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