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The Great American Legislator Walkout



February 27, 2009 – Comments (0)

President Herbert Hoover's Government Action and Volunteerism efforts failed miserably in 1930s to reverse the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression.  It made matters worse.

Now our president is "Herbert Hoover Jr."  And like his father, President Herbert Hoover Jr. thinks government action and volunteerism is going to get us out of the "Great Recession" and the Market Crash of Nov. 20th 2008.  Instead, it is sending our Stock Market and Economy in a downward tailspin.

President Herbert Hoover Jr. doesn't have anyone around him to stop his policies and actions.  The ideology of "Common Sense" doesn't have enough votes to let common sense prevail over the on going onslaught of Government Takeover and Panic driven Budgeting.  The gigantic increase in President Herbert Hoover Jr.'s budget is the makings of an emotional, "Kid in a Video Game Store," panic. 

"Oh my God...Oh my God...Orgasm...I'm President....I'm President!! Yippe!!!  Universal Health Care, Cap and Trade, Carbon Emission Reductions, Doubling the Education Funding, Food Stamps, Welfare, here I come!!!"

So.. If we can't stop em what do we do?  The "common sense' ideology needs to exercise some balls here to perform a series of what I call the "Great American Legislator Walkout."

Yes... It is reminiscent of Pre-Nazi Germany in which the Nazi Sympathizing Party walked out of Parliament repeatedly.  And yes... We don't have enough numbers to prevent Congressional Democrats from voting and passing all of their stuff with or with out us present.

But...I think it is time nonetheless to show some spine here.. I think it is time to rescue America's Economy and Stock Market from the clutches of "Stupidity" and "Socialism" and "Dictatorship" that exists in Washington.

It's time for the "GREAT AMERICAN LEGISLATOR WALKOUT."     Just sit in your benches waiting for the roll call and then whe the roll call is over.... Stand up... And get marching out of the door.

We need a massive PROTEST like America has never seen before.

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