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The Hun's News Invasion, Dec 11th



December 11, 2009 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: CREE , MDR , GS

The Hunnish News Invasion has taken an exceptionally long break, with the last posting being on December 1.  The Huns have been a bit busy doing the usual things, like ... you know ... sacking Roman cities, pillaging and plundering, devolping mounted archery tactics, etc.  Ok, ok ... so actually, I have just found myself busy between work, investment research, MBA interviews, and the love of my life.

Since I haven't posted in 10 days, I have a pretty decent backlog. Some of it is probably "old news" by now, but I'm posting it anyway.  I don't make any claim to be "unbiased" or any crap like that --- I just post the stories that have caught my eye for one reason or another.  

Here we go:


Iranian Crackdown on Journalists

Link -  Washington Post

It's difficult to say what will be the end result of all the turmoil in Iran.  Admittedly, I am a lover of Persian culture and I would like to see a freer and more open Iran.  Obviously, things seem to be moving in the opposite direction, but the urban population has become very agitated about this. There's obviously a huge split in that nation right now.  Fwiw, as much as I have criticized Obama on economic policy, I believe he's done a relatively good job in 'keeping the f@!$ out of this', unlike his predecssor.  We shouldn't give the Iranian ruling class any ammo --- and Obama hasn't. 


China Executes Embezzler

Link - Reuters

Wow!  My first thought when reading this is why on Earth doesn't the United States start doing this?  We have the weakest laws on the face of the planet for white-collar criminals.  Ok, so maybe execution is a bit harsh (but I wouldn't shed a tear if we started doing it), but how about start putting some of these corporate criminals up on a rack for caning.  Do it in full public view.  Shame as a form of punishment is definitely underrated.  (Not that I fully endorse China's criminal justice system, which has its own problems as the below link suggests.)


Jailed Journalists 

Link - Slate

Article about jailed journalists throughout the world.  China is the most egregious offender.  I'm a firm believer that no society can thrive in the modern world without accurate information.  You can't get honest and accurate information when you jail people for writing.  


Dubai's Mega-Tower Last Hurrah to Age of Excess

Link - Associated Press

Author argues that this may be the last mega-tower we see for a very long time.  I hope that is true.  I am a big advocate of urban building and dense development (which is more efficient), but that tower was an absolute monstrosity.  The most telling thing to me is that it takes 3 months to clean the windows.  THREE MONTHS!  And on top of that, the thing is a lightning rod --- who on Earth wants to put their company in a building that gets struck by lightning all the time?  You'd have to be crazy!  Dubai's Mega-Tower ought to stand in the annals of history alongside the Titanic.  


Bright Outlook for LEDs

Link - James Dettar

Very interesting and informative article on LEDs. 


Solar Plane's First Hop

Link - BBC

Another good technology related article; this time on solar-powered planes. 


McDermott to Split

Link - Reuters

A little underreported piece of business news about McDermott International, an oil driller and power generation company. 


Healthcare is Taking Over the US

Link - Washington Post

The author makes an argument very similar to TMFBent.  I fully agree, btw.  All we're actually doing is taking the private healthcare nightmare and shifting it to the taxpayers; in particular, the younger generation is being forced to subsidize the older generation.  This is particularly annoying since the older generation has essentially been stealing from the younger generation since the Reagan Administration, via the mounds and mounds of debt being passed on. But I digress ... Obamacare really doesn't solve any of the issues that were created via the private healthcare system.  


Profile of Goldman Sachs

Link - Vanity Fair

A good article detailing the history of Goldman Sachs.  Worth a read if you haven't already seen it.


House Takes Step Towards NCAA Football Playoff

Link - Associated Press

I don't normally post sports stories on here, but I've got two for this edition.  I post this one because I believe it's relevant to our nation --- not because we need or don't need an NCAA playoff --- rather because it shows how manipulative and useless our political class has become.  We have 10% unemployment, a massive budget deficit, decaying infrastructure, fiscal crises in many states, a dwindling middle class, and the list goes on and on and on.  Our lawmakers, prudent as they are, however, have decided that sticking it to "the man" (in this case, "the BCS") was more important.  Why?  Cheap political points and it's non-controversial.  What a worthless bunch of dregs!


Jason Whitlock on Tiger and the Media

Link - FoxSports

Jason Whitlock is one of my favorite sportswriters and this is why.  While this might nominally be an article about sports, I view it more as an article about our out-of-control news media and the TMZ'ification of America.  


Obama Has No Stomach for Afghan Fight

Link - The Guardian

Opinion piece on Obama's foray in Afghanistan.  Not sure if I fully agree or not, but admittedly, I have had opinions that are similar.  While I have generally been pleased with Obama's foreign policy moves, I am definitely more mixed on the Afghanistan escalation.  It seems like every President has to have a war these days.  Just another reason that we ought to start cutting the size of the military soon, which will lower the budget and neuter our politicians. 


Playing Whack-A-Mole With Copyright Poachers

Link -  Newsosaur Blog

Blog that very effectively argues that the news media is never going to be able to successfully start charging for information, now that the cat has already been let out of the bag. 


Japan:  Will It Soon Be 'The Lost 20 Years?'

Link -  Seeking Alpha

Really, the title says it all.  First time I've heard someone refer to it as that, but it seems true.  "The Lost Decade" may actually be two lost decades for Japan.  


Feeding Bird Changes Evolution

Link - BBC

My last link is an article about how human feeding of birds may have altered the evolutionary path of one bird species.  


That's all for now.  Sorry for a relative lack of business-y articles, but it seems that the international articles caught my attention more over the past few weeks.   My main goal is to emphasize stories that slip between the cracks a bit and also original opinion pieces.  Feel free to share your own links in my thread, as well.  

Have a good weekend!


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#1) On December 11, 2009 at 2:16 PM, Option1307 (30.64) wrote:

I really enjoy this idea Jakila, keep it up when you have time! Thge articles are not always related but definitely are still worth a read.

Enjoy the weekend!

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#2) On December 11, 2009 at 2:56 PM, blake303 (28.63) wrote:

Great post as usual.

I read this brief, but interesting article this morning discussing deflation with "expert" opinions on the likelihood that the U.S. repeats Japan's deflationary mistakes and the steps taken by central bankers to combat it. I have often wondered why any mention of Japan's economic troubles are limited to a decade.

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#3) On December 11, 2009 at 3:37 PM, portefeuille (98.81) wrote:

Bright Outlook for LEDs

also see this and this.

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