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Varchild2008 (84.33)

The Irony: 2 Loud mouthes reveal PEAK and TROUGH of the recession



February 11, 2010 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: CRTX.DL , EGY


I find it ironic that we have JIM CRAMER as loud mouthe #1 that basically pinpointed the PEAK of the market with his rant....

And then at the absolute bottom in March of 2009... Loud Mouthe #2 shouts at the absolute TROUGH ... BOTTOM....of the market....  Rick Santelli.

Which goes to show that while I like FOX BUSINESS and BLOOMBERG.... CNBC is miles ahead of their competition right now.

As FOX NEWS is to CBS/NBC......  CNBC is to FOX Business / Bloomberg.

No this isn't a advertisement to watch CNBC....  just a reflection...

Oh.. and Loud Mouthe #3  Varchild2008 <-----  Still predicts DOW 11,000 is coming...  believe the rally while others are screaming "Sucker's Rally" cause we are going higher!

Interesting Stocks to Put on Watchlist Tomorrow

1)  QNST:        
  The company cut their share price IPO by 20% and investors closed the share price below that price today.   They are a technology consultation and website design company.. Basically they work with a corporation to improve their sales and marketing and cut costs.

              -------  This is one of them *boring stocks* that could surprise....too early to tell though so watch list this until we have an earnings report.

2)  CRTX:     ---- Respiratory BIOTECH stock that looking at the chart....seems to have bottomed. Earnings report is  March 22nd....  if I am correct that this is a bottom...then tomorrow could be a good time to get into CRTX for that earnings release...  Stock was $10.00+-   1 year ago from today and it sits just above $5.00.   

HOWEVER....  Being the idiot that I am... I haven't exactly done any fundamental research...
This is just based on eyeballing a chart.... So do the fundamentals check first before figuring out if it is a buy/sell here.... Nonetheless it remains on my watchlist...

3)  EGY:     Has this OIL/NAT Gas play bottomed?  Will this ever do anything for investors?  It's a 5 star CAPS stock for years and the share price since 2008 has gone SIDEWAYS!!!!  with a short term $8.00 spike upward....    What's the deal here???

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#1) On February 11, 2010 at 8:22 PM, Varchild2008 (84.33) wrote:

Completely off-topic to my post above but  I have posted a long time ago that Pres. Obama is going to be impeached especially if my Impeach-o-Meter strikes a 10.

At that time I believe it was a 1 out of 10 where 10 = Guaranteed.

Today....I am raising my IMPEACH-O-METER on Pres. Obama to a 4.

It was a 2 after Pres. Obama's State of the Union Speech in which he lectured and lambasted everyone and took no blame or fault for anything...  When it comes to impeachment possibility, insulting/attacking everyone in CONGRESS that has the sole impeachment authority ain't good bud!

It was a 3 after Pres. Obama's past gaff with the Underwear Bomber has now become crystal clear in its inanity of letting the terrorist go SILENT under MIRANDA rights for 5 weeks.

It is now a 4 because Washington is in abject *FEAR* regarding Pres. Obama's future.   A cloudy future under *FEAR* and *STRESS* in which Pres. Obama's wife Michelle Obama has to even come out and defend her husband....that smacks of panic which could lead to making more GAFFs and MISTAKEs...

And let's not forget why I started the IMPEACH-O-METER in the first place....  We have yet to see the results of the assault from Pres. Obama wrongfully firing an Inspector General for the Inspector General investigating one of his buddies of wrong doing.

That court case has yet to conclude?  I haven't been made aware of the results??? I haven't seen any blogs I read report a conclusion?

It may very well be something so basic... so simple....that ends up being Pres. Obama's undoing....really... It all depends on whether Pres. Obama can *learn how to govern* or not.

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