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The Legal Concept of Joint and Several Liability



July 29, 2010 – Comments (1)

For the past few years, Alstry warned you about the concept of Joint and Several simple terms, if one to acts in a certain way, all who are legally bound are also considered to act and liable for the acts of the one.

I have explained to you on numerous times that the citizens of a nation are jointly and severally liable for the behavior of their government.  No where is this clearer than when a government declares war, the citizens are liable for that declaration....often with their lives or their childrens' lives.

The same applies when a government spends more than it earns....if the government is broke, the citizens are broke too....regardless how much money they think they have...because nothing is more paramount than the integrity of the soverign.....and without the soverign, there is no nation....and the soverign must be protected at all costs...

and if you are not with the soverign...then you will be considered against it. 

Right now your politicians are spending over twice as much as they are taking in as tax revenues...imagine you spending twice your income and the outlook for future revenues are very would not be too long before your bankers cut you off and the consequence would be dire to say the least....

now imagine over 300 million people are dependent on your spending.......if you didn't spend they starve and get really angry at that point, if you didn't restructure, your only choice would be to go out and take others money, production, and force if they didn't give it to you voluntarily.

You sheep didn't give a damn that your politicians were spending twice as much as they were taking in...they were spending your just didn't realize it.  Soon you will, either with your pocket book or your this point, I am not sure which direction we will take.

China conducts naval drill in disputed southern seas...

Americans Cut Back on Doctor Visits...



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#1) On July 29, 2010 at 7:56 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

If Government taxed you ain't enough....

California Democrats Propose Increasing Income Tax to Plug Budget Deficit

When will the sheep wake up???????

or will they be roasted first????

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