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The Mainstream Is Now Using The Word "ZOMBIE"



July 06, 2012 – Comments (0)

Signs We Are Approaching a Zombie Economy

And just think, you fools were privileged to learn about Zombulation years ago;)

Welcome to the

Where technology will free the industrial slaves:

An robot controlled by thought thousands miles away:

Robotic legs that can mimic human legs:

Robots to replace factory workers:

Robot to replace retail workers:

Any bets lawyers, doctors, accountants, financial workers, corporate executives, and government workers are next?

In a bankrupt America, where survival and most of the jobs are driven from a GOVRMENT DEFICIT...who gets to be Uncle Sam's Nieces or Nephews becomes a very convulsive question under our current legal structure while the need for people to work is evaporating fast and being replaced by technology.

Pretty Good for Government Work By Warren E. Buffett - NYTimes...

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