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The Miracle on MTXX street



November 30, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MTXX.DL

Well Well.... Too bad I work for a living otherwise I would have pulled the trigger to buy a truck load more shares of MTXX.

Securities and Exchange Commission found in favor of MTXX that the warning letter issued by the FDA is not grounds for any negative action against MATRIXX and therefore SEC won't pursue any actions.

Is the FDA warning letter bunk?  Or are the cases against ZICAM Nasal Spray valid?

Is there any truth to ZINC being in ZICAM's product and that ZINC causes loss of smell?

Because if there is no scientific evidence supporting this claim then even the legal lawsuit against MATRIXX could be thrown out.  How on Earth can a legal case against MATRIXX be set up where there exists no evidence to back up the lawsuit? 

I can't speculate the results of the legal lawsuit proceedings but today's INACTION by the SEC is a silent, but resounding, show of support for my stock (MTXX) and that should hold some sway in Court.

If the FDA can't find the in heck are the plaintiffs going to?

P.S.  *Update*  I dumped out of (WHR) Whirlpool and plan to launch most of the funds straight into (MTXX) tomorrow.... assuming the share price doesn't spike upward... Please DIP!!!

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