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alstry (< 20)

The MOST EXCITING Economic Era EVER!!!!



December 01, 2009 – Comments (3)

Our tax receipts to government is evaporating while government's needs are at UNPRECEDENTED highs.

Now we are thinking about ramping up our military operations around the world with more bases in Eastern Europe, Colombia, and tens of thousands of additonal troops and contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We are suffocating the private economy for funds by cutting off credit and raising interest rates while ramping up government spending and giving the bankers unlimited money for free.....

With so few private comapnies able to operate on such a low discount rate.....millions of private sector jobs and businesses are being eliminated.

The question now is whether the Fed will let the dollar go and destroy the value of our currency.....or remain independent and reign in government spending and raise intest rates.

If America ends up in a hyperinflationary environment......guns and bullets will rule the day as NO ONE will enough dollars to buy anything............compounding the problem is no one will be able to afford the bullets........

Never before have Americans  had to worry whether their currency would hold value.......welcome to change you can believe in.......

How does a nation keep spending money when it has little tax receipts coming in???????

Welcome to a new that will have little resemblance to the world as you knew it.

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#1) On December 01, 2009 at 1:37 PM, Rasbold (86.36) wrote:

Damn, Alstry, I hate to say you are absolutely correct.


Sure, you tirelessly blogged the overwhelmingly obvious; but I completely agree on a total collapse of our empire. Not the end end, but yes, as we know it, it shall be.

Gold hit 1200. A true psychological barrier; a 40 dollar gram!

Thank God for my mountains. It is so good, we were working on Thanksgiving Day (we knocked off at 2:00 or my wife would be pissed!)

Oh, yes....I get to mine gold and go to school! I am truly blessed to not have to paticipate anymore. I have bought myself out! Thank God, I am only watching the game. And I am going to watch this storm from above!!

And my Dow will never Jones!

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#2) On December 01, 2009 at 2:07 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

Any Fool could have seen this coming.........

We are simply destroying the value of our currency and a life as we knew it.....

Not really a big deal....we will adjust.........but it has been a ride documenting it as the msm, economists, and government have gotten it completely wrong. over $1200 and bonds yielding record low rates....most of our pension funds are in bonds.......too bad our pensions and savings will not be good for much...........

Now the question is whether that was the plan all along??????

Welcome to the AlstrynomicAge......where we are entering a brand new era where the cost of maintaining  a home is more than the value of the home factoring property taxes.

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#3) On December 03, 2009 at 6:38 PM, jahbu (80.83) wrote:

The question now is whether the Fed will let the dollar go and destroy the value of our currency.....or remain independent and reign in government spending and raise intest rates.

This is the economic question that has everyone helter-skelter.  If an investor gambles to strongly one way and the puppet masters decide the other....  bummer.

Either way it will be horrible.   Either no money or worthless money.

I could see very high inflation in the next few years to destinguish debt, on the other hand, the crooks that made off with billions might not want to see their money become worthless.  They could buy up the whole damn country, reduce all the entitlement programs, and  leave the middle class to rot.

Good luck figuring out which option they will choose.

Unless you know a Puppet Master.  They tend to keep their true plans hush hush  and use the media BULLHORN to distract us.


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