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The Most Incredible Opportunties Are Approaching



February 03, 2010 – Comments (2)

As we prepare to enter the Alstrynomic Digital Age....we are going to see opportunities arise at speeds never seen in human history before.....wealth will be created and detroyed at unprecedented rates.

Jobs that are now commonplace will not be needed or play a substantially different role.  Much of the legal profession and current laws are written and practiced for an industrial environment.

Industries that were once key employers will no  longer be around.

Some clear and dramtic changes will include the following:

Banking will be primarily online as paper currency and local branches become obsolete freeing up tens of millions of square feet of commercial real addition to the loss of hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of jobs.

Nursing homes will shutter as dollars allocated to medicare/medicaid will be reduced and children will be incentivized by the tax code to care for their parents.....and as fewer will be employed in the digital age, such an allocation of labor will be more efficient.

We have already mentioned that digital delivery of movies will shutter the video stores in short order causing tens of thousands of jobs cut and tens of millions of square feet of retail space vacant.

More and more university classes will be conducted online dramatically reducing the need for colleges and universities across the nation also impacting hundreds of thousands of  jobs and a massive amount of real estate.

Stores will consolidate and the number of product SKUs will be reduced dramatically impacting commercial real estate, transporation, manufacturing, packaging and jobs....this trend is already taking place at WalMart, Target, and SuperValu.

The explosion of drug stores around the nation will turn into the implosion of the same as medicare/medicaid reimbursement for drugs are dramatically reduced and prescription fulfillment moved online.

Just the above will dramatically impact millions of jobs and hundreds of millions of square feet of retail space.

Our lives will become simpler and much more efficient as we leave the materialistic and labor intensive industrial age and move toward the streamlined Alstrynomic Digital Age.  In the Digital Age, information exchange will be nearly instantaneous and collaborative driving and accelerating technological advancements at speeds and distance never thought possible.

With massive change comes massive convulsions......and we are about to expericence both with great volitility and uncertainty.  In such an environment, conditions will be ripe for fraud and deception.

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#1) On February 03, 2010 at 10:37 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

Expect video games to be obtained online....

Game Crazy Expecting to Close 200 Stores, a Result of Movie Gallery Bankruptcy

Hospitals will contract dramatically as medical care will be delivered online and medicare/medicaid reimbursements decrease dramatically.

Louisiana State University Interim Public Hospital in New Orleans - 144

Expect at letast 75% of current retail outlets to shut down over the upcoming few years as consoliditation drives efficiency.

BI-LO Headquarters Announces Closing 7 of its Supermarkets

Again, all of the above will lead unprecedented job losses and eventually unprecedented opportunities.....the contemporary issue is what happens in between.

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#2) On February 03, 2010 at 10:45 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

We are going to see dramatic reductions in the ranks of professionals.

Already over 60% of architects are unemployed....

Attorneys are going to see unprecedented reduction in the need for their services as the current legal system is structured for the industrial age.

Howrey Office - 29 Associates , 65 Staff Members

Accountants will also have massive contraction in ranks as businsses shutter plus the tax code simplified and potentially eliminated for a more efficient revenue generating system.

Physicians will be impacted as well as reimbursement is reduced while nurse practicioners and expert AI computer diagnosis is advanced.

The changes will be dramatic and convulsive.....but so will the opportunities.....but to call the present environment a recovery.....I couldn't think of anything further from reality. 

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