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The NEW Government Retirement Home?



December 13, 2011 – Comments (0)

Is this what the government has planned for retirees?  One generation borrowed 10X more than all generations combined.  Now they want to saddle this debt on the next generation and retire?

Are they crazy?  Do they think that the next generation is that stupid and will just sit back and be their slaves and accept their debt based currency?

Those silly retirees thought they could rob this generation of their future and freedom.....and just sit back and retire.....

well, it appears the government may have a different idea for those non working non productive citizens thinking they can control the youth with their bankrupt financial assets.


and you thought Alstry was crazy warning you adults you can't print/borrow the youth's future away and call it your prosperity.

welcome to the Udder World....welcome to the Sustainable Knowledge Based Economy

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