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reddingrunner (92.40)

The Next Berkshire Hathaway?



February 11, 2013 – Comments (4) | RELATED TICKERS: SNFCA , JSHLY , BRK-B

Oh, to have gotten in on the ground floor of that one!

I own a bit now, but have low expectations for it, I think it will outperform in down markets and do a little bit better than an index fund with no more risk.

I had owned LUK for many years, and I think it still might have a good future but recently I've found two little known stocks that I believe have the potential to soar in the next decade or two (no promises or guarantees, just like there wasn't with BRK way back when).  I offer them for your consideration.  Check back with me in 2033.

JSHLY - the Asian B-H?  Check out their holdings, their presence in burgeoning Asia.  I like it a lot better than any Asian etf.  Could be absolutely HUGE in 20 years.

SNFCA - the next homegrown B-H?  Stock is up a mere 900% in the last year.  Yeah, that makes me nervous too but I bought in last fall and just today I sold off a third of what I own (equal to my initial investment) so at this point I can just let it ride forever knowing that I can't do any worse than break even.  And who knows?  I wish I knew more about the management team (the stock seems to have started to soar as the new generation took over from the stodgy old-timers) but they seem to know what they're doing so far.  

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#1) On February 11, 2013 at 12:43 PM, constructive (99.97) wrote:

When looking at Jardine Matheson and Jardine Strategic, keep in mind that underlying earnings are significantly lower than nominal earnings. A good chunk of nominal earnings comes from regularly marking up the value of their subsidiaries. This is acceptable accounting in Singapore but not in the US.

Private equity (APO, KKR, CG, BX) could be another place to look for the next Berkshire Hathaway. But they are more leveraged and more cyclical. OAK is countercyclical but seems dominated by Howard Marks who is getting pretty old.

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#2) On February 11, 2013 at 12:52 PM, constructive (99.97) wrote:

With Leucadia, I'll sit out until Handler proves himself as CEO. I'm skeptical of him running Jefferies and the conglomerate at the same time. I would have much preferred they didn't do the merger (dilutive to LUK shareholders and turning the company in an unpredictable direction) and instead promoted from within.

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#3) On February 11, 2013 at 2:11 PM, reddingrunner (92.40) wrote:

Good insights, Mega.  I own KKR.  

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#4) On February 12, 2013 at 10:15 AM, ryanalexanderson (< 20) wrote:

Jardine Matheson? Cool! 

It's not investing, but check out 'Tai-Pan' and 'Noble House', novels written by James Clavell (Shogun). They are inspired by the early history of Jardine Matheson and the founding of Hong Kong. Noble House in particular is one of my favourite novels ever. Hong Kong in the 60's - it's a business thriller and two spy novels all rolled into one book.  

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