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The next "Follow the Leader" red-thumb stock. You can't win if you don't play...



July 10, 2007 – Comments (1)

  One of my rules-of-thumb (pun intended) is - when I hear about a stock in a spam email it's probably junk that is going down.

  Doesn't usually help in CAPS though since most of these are penny stocks that don't meet the Fool's requirements ($1.50 stock price and $100M market cap).  I always check though, just to see what's what.  It found me a stock that actually looked good and I invested in - OPBL.OB.  The stock did beautifully as earnings soared and the stock went from $0.60 to a high around $9.  (wish I'd gotten off the train as it later came out that the source of those earnings was suspect and the stock plummented like a nuclear bomb had landed on their headquarters).

  Anyway, a stock that recently popped into my inbox (along with the Viagra and penis enlargement ads) is  Kodiak Energy Inc. - KDKN.OB.  They are an oil and gas wildcatter.

  This recent press release should really impress you:


If everything works out, the stock will go to $49!  My favorite part is, "...Kodiak Energy will pay SISM Research $1,750 per month over a two-year period solely to ensure independent coverage..."  Apparently the company wants to help you get reliable and accurate research from an unbiased analyst and if they have to pay to make sure you are an informed investor then that's what they'll do.  Thanks KDKN.OB.

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#1) On July 10, 2007 at 10:01 PM, rd80 (95.06) wrote:

Wow, you're red thumbing a 'sure' 10-15 bagger.

I was going to swear off these type picks, but ... this is as close to free points as you can get.  $223K of cash at the end of Mar, burning through it at about a million a year - bank account should be empty about now.  Only 98 times book value and 11,000 times sales!


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