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The Poop: Bureau of Oversight, Overseeing annd Blindness Specialists (BOOBS)



December 22, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: F , ED , UPS

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 As it became apparent this past week that the promised TARP spending oversight was the equal of the promised SEC Banking oversight, which in turn was the equal of the promised HUD Lending oversight, which was the equal of FDA oversight, and of course the equal of EPA oversight, the need for oversight of the overseeing agencys was recommended by the Bureau of Oversight, Overseeing and Blindness Specialists (BOOBS), a special division of the Committee of Naive Gullible Remiss Elected Social Servant Critters(CONGRESSCritters).

Removing a pile of BS this large from the market would normally increase the value of remaining BS sending shares of EPG, converter of BS into saleable products, upward. This time however the flushing of this BS from the BS markets was more than slowed by this dumping of BS onto the BS markets by the US Executive Branch (THIEVES). It is now well known that the Housing Hosing and Financial Fiasco events were being exposed as they happened to anyone who had the time and willingness to read.

The NY Times should be credited because they "ignored such an important economic speech to the American people" as given by the Pres, just as he should be given full credit for ignoring  speeches warning of these events and given 3-5 years ago by people we will refer to as the "Knowledgable", or "Intelligent" or "Honest".

As many Fools know these events have been predicted by Dwot, Bent, Floridabuilder, Alstry, Calucated Risk weblog, Mish, Krugman, Roubini, and many others, not now, or previously complicit with or employed by the Executive Branch of the United States (THIEVES).

The Knowledgable, Intelligent and Honest Doris Dungy (Tanta) saw your "problem that almost no one saw as it was happening" a mile away, as did Andrew Mozillo and our own TMFBent who pointed and yelled as Mozillo, not so quietly dissappeared with a lot of ill gotten cash.

Also wading in it is your Treasury Secretary, who as CEO of Goldman Sachs turned bad lending into bad financing by selling bad mortgages with bad insurance that did not exist. He now offers a Bad Plan (BP), getting Bad Results (BR), with to no ones surprise, Bad Oversight (BO).

The extent of BS delivered by your press release surprises no one, except for its brevity.

And for the record: There were no WMD's, Global warming is real, Tests do not teach, Water pollution got worse, the voluntary clean air act didn't work,  and neither did any other of your attempts at allowing any industry to self regulate including the INVESTMENT BANKS despite your press release's claims to the contrary.

Shares of EPG, converters of BS into saleable products, rose today knowing that this new load of BS isn't sellable BS anymore.

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