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The Poop: Grandma's Poop.



December 08, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: EPG , GM , F

Grandma is a nice person with a pretty full day. She visits the seniors center, she dances and has a fitness club membership. She does retired person stuff. She owns her home which she keeps clean and organized. She has some savings, but she is not loaded. She lives on a budget and knows how close she is to just getting by.

She does get to watch television though, and this weekend when she came to visit she brought us  news of the Detroit "Not So Big Anymore Are You" Three bailout and p-u, was she upset. Her discomfort came from having gotten the very clear message that the problem facing the "Not So Big Anymore Are You" Three was those Vile and Smelly Unions. Those Putrid and Rotting Unions and especially their unwillingness to negotiate concessions. They deserve no bailout she said, convinced by News Reporters and their on air experts. "The cost of labor is just to high" she told us. "The Unions must renegotiate". And she had specifics. "They have to cut healthcare and pensions for the retired workers" she told us.

I spoke up. "But Grandma" I said. "What they want the Unions to do is lower the amounts they pay to retirees. That would be like Waldbaums cutting your pension checks, and increasing what you pay for your healthcare".


EPG, converters of BS into saleable products, sank on the news that Grandma was no longer buying that crap.

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