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The price of Sir-Veil-lance



July 10, 2013 – Comments (0)

Lets see  what  these  JUde-A$$es  are  charging the gov-ment for  releasing your  private information  so as to wire tap  and  spy  on  users.  Where  once  30 pieces of silver  was the fee to snitch  Jesus in.

WOW  verizon  the  can  you spy on me now  company seems to top the list by charging  the government 775  for  the first month of  spying and 500  each  additional month.

Still, the fees can add up quickly. The average wiretap is estimated to cost $50,000, a figure that includes reimbursements as well as other operational costs. One narcotics case in New York in 2011 cost the government $2.9 million alone.

Makes  you  wonder  why  half of  someones  lifetime  earnings  goes  to  taxations  to pay for such stupidity.

Not everyone agrees.


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In 2009, then-New York criminal prosecutor John Prather sued several major telecommunications carriers in federal court in Northern California in 2009, including AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, for overcharging federal and state police agencies. In his complaint, Prather said phone companies have the technical ability to turn on a switch, duplicate call information and pass it along to law enforcement with little effort. Instead, Prather says his staff, while he was working as a city prosecutor, would receive convoluted bills with extraneous fees. The case is pending.

"They were monstrously more than what the telecoms could ever hope to charge for similar services in an open, competitive market, and the costs charged to the governments by telecoms did not represent reasonable prices as defined in the code of federal regulations," the lawsuit said.

The phone companies have asked the judge to dismiss the case. Prather's lawsuit claims whistle-blower status. If he wins, he stands to collect a percentage — estimated anywhere from 12 percent to 25 percent — of the money recovered from the companies.

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