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The Quick and the Dead, Part 2



November 25, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: SHLD

And this week I ask, Is Sears The Next Circuit City? (I added a third option to the poll, too.) Last I checked, survive vs. fail were about neck and neck in terms of votes.

I also riffed a bit on the trends surrounding digital distribution (and media industry disruption). Catoismymotor already added a great Underpants Gnomes comment, which of course also underlines one of the sub-themes of the trend, and that is, how to make money when some content wants to be free (er, at least, some consumers want a lot of it to be). (And I walked right into that, since I did mention the Underpants Gnomes South Park in the article!) However, I almost think less "middle man" or "big media" business will actually be a reason why consumers would want to support artists/creators financially through closer to direct transactions, at least in some areas of media, but I suppose that is one of the big unknowns as the paradigm shifts. (And another reason why there is anxiety about the shift to digital distribution.) 

All righty then, that's that for now. I hope Fools everywhere have a great Thanksgiving!

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