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motleyanimal (38.08)

The "Time Machine" Dream Team



June 01, 2007 – Comments (0)

Is this real? - a Clinton/Gore ticket in 2008. Or a Gore/Clinton ticket. Am I dreaming? Maybe. It does have some possibilities and probably has a good chance for success. We don't hear much about it in the liberal and Democratic political camps. That's because it is a secret weapon. It's called "The Time Machine Ticket." 

I have knowledge that the conservative Republican group,
"Morlocks For A New American Century" (MNAC) has responded to the rumor of a "Time Machine" ticket.

MNAC spokesman, Rupert D. Morlock said " We welcome the Clinton/Gore ticket and their "Time Machine", as we would welcome any other Democrats, or Eloi as we like to call them. It's another food source to us." He added "There is nothing quite as tasty a politician's rump that has done nothing but sit on it for 50 years. It's much like veal." 

"While we Morlocks are in the minority, it's not important to any election process. You should know that we are always still running the show, because we understand how everything works."

"The much more numerous Eloi, or Democrats if you prefer, learn everything they know from being fed from birth in mind numbing electronic media produced, directed, and controlled by us book-reading Morlocks. "

"So many ignorant, uninformed people could be dangerous if they ever got pointed in the wrong direction, and so we've developed a popular culture that is: (1) incredibly addicting and infectious, (2) intellectually neuters every person who gets infected by it, and (3) renders them unable to make decisions and incapable of taking a stand on anything."

I think Mr. Morlock has made some excellent points here.  I am reminded of the words of the master politician, Dan Quayle.

"The future will be better tomorrow." So true, Dan, so true.

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