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The reverse cynicism strategy or why you buy the lies



January 13, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: TEX , MTW , HOV

The reverse cynicism strategy or why you buy the lies

What do I mean by reverse cynicism?  Well... If "Stimulus Package created/saved 2 million jobs" makes you cynical then you have to ask yourself....ok...why are you cynical?  Certainly it isn't because:

A) I just don't like Obama or I am disappointed in him...


B) I am a roid raging Tea Party Reagon Conesrvative...

Cause that's not a wall street line of thinking.... That ain't going to make you a 2010 super investment....

Which is why I am about to reveal an IDEA along with stocks to go LONG for 2010 if you buy into my idea....  Reverse Cynicism...

Whatever Pres. Barack Obama says.... Believe it.... I don't care if there's proof it is a lie...or a distortion... or exaggeration.....  Just pretend to believe it...

So.... What stock do you go LONG on if you believe the Stimulus Package is creating/saving millions of jobs?

How about:

A) The Housing Sector?


B)  The Construction Sector?

After all....Pres. Obama pumped his Stimulus plan as not just a Jobs Creator/Saver but one targeted for Construction Jobs..... and was partnered up with a Home Buyer's Tax Credit....

So....  Become Reverse Cynical actually believing in the Bull....that the Stimulus package works..

And what you have are a whole host of beaten down stocks at historic lows:

PHU) $11.20       was $40    5 year chart

SPF) $3.96          was $40   5 year chart

HOV) $4.14         was $60   5 year chart

Construction Stocks like (CAT) are already up quite a ways....  What about:

(MTW)  Manitowoc?

(TGB)  Minerals Mining Stock  Taseko?

(TEX)  Terex Corp  $23.56         WAS $80    5 year chart

So what is my point in all this?    2 sectors:  Housing + Construction/Mining  =  BIGGEST 2010 SECTORS in the STOCK MARKET.....  They are up Big today and up HUGE already this year!

Bottom line.....  Check your Cynicism at the door.... the Market is buying what you hate!

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