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The RV Battery Maintenance Tips for Dummies



August 10, 2018 – Comments (0)

Our camping cars is not complete without a good RV battery installed in it. RV batteries are the only source of electricity that we can rely on once we go into places that does not have an access to stable energy sources. This runs the appliances that we have inside our vehicle such as electric stoves, television and even air-condition. These type of batteries are modeled deeply cycled to store huge amounts of electricity that could be used for a long period of time. If maintained properly, this would last up to five years. Unfortunately, however reliable our RV batteries, it will not last for a long time if not maintain properly. So here, we list down some RV Battery maintenance tips for dummies.      

Care it as Much as you Take Care your Car

Admit it or not, a lot of people do not check their batteries unless it fails. That’s why there are a log of evitable battery malfunctions that occurs. So when this happens, owners will blame the manufacturer and if they don’t have the will to check it, they will buy a brand new. The cycle will happen again and again unless the owner realized that he/she has to take care of it. So here are some tips, when the battery goes below 20% it will have a damage and will not function as 100%, that’s why it’s highly recommended to charge the battery up once it goes on 50%.  By doing so, you could increase the life span of the battery by seven years. Purchase a voltmeter to monitor the voltage. The wires of the battery should also be tight at all times, make it intact. A regular inspection is highly recommended. It must also be stored in clean place, avoiding corrosions and dirt. The water being used to replenish the battery should also not exceed 200 TDS (Total dissolve solid parts per million).

The Proper Cleaning

If your care takes a regular car wash, then why batteries not? You should monthly wash the battery tops with a cleaning solution that could be a ¼ of baking soda to one and a half gallons of clean water. Spray it to the tops and sides of the battery including the wires and battery racks. Let it still for five minutes. Rinse it by spraying a clean water and do not wash it with direct stream of high pressure water.

RV batteries are our companions when we are going to faraway places, let it not ruin our vacation or our tour.

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