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The Scientist Advertiser List



December 31, 2006 – Comments (0)

As an occasional look at companies in my field, I like to go through the advertiser list in certain trade magazines. This week I received and read The Scientist, an excellent magazine catering to academic and industrial biotechnology. I made a list of the advertisers and noted whether they were public or private.

Private - Biotek

Private - Fermentas

Private - New England Biolabs

Private - eBioscience

Public BDX BD Biosciences

Public ABI Applied Biosystems

Public NINOF.PK Nikon

Private - Eppendorf

Private - Chroma Technology

Private - R&D Systems

Public PKI Perkin Elmer

Public MIL Millipore

Public (F) RHHBY.PK Roche Diagnostics

Public CRGN 454 Life Sciences

Private - Wheaton Science Products

Private - Genetel Laboratories

Private - Marligen Biosystems

Private - Epicentre Biotechnologies

Public IVGN Invitrogen

Private - Cell Applications Inc.

Public QGEN Qiagen

Private - Radleys

Private - TTP LabTech

Private - Velocity11

No table feature - sorry.

A few comments, first, I'm curious of which of the private companies Invitrogen will buy next (yes, that's a slam on Invitrogen and their overly acquisitive ways). I was unfamiliar with the businesses of a few of the private companies. There were no unknown public companies, but I was surprised that no one had rendered a CAPS opinion on Roche, which does have an over the counter US option. I printed some investor info out, but did render a pending bullish opinion due to my impressions on the future of medical diagnostics, of which Roche is a if not the leader.

Also, Nikon looks interesting. While known for the cameras, they make the bulk of their money on precision equipment and imaging products. Could be a value play on a misunderstood company (or another Kodak). Bears further research at the least.

Also note that 454 is not public itself, but a majority owned subsidiary of Curagen. May spin out if it continues to be successful. Lets table my opinion on sequencing for a later time (in brief - not an invasive technology anymore, but likely the horse it rides in on).

Good articles in the mag as well including a PR piece on the Cepheid CEO and comments on TLR activating vaccine adjuvants.

Ralph (Zz)

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