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The Shutdowns Continue as Toxic Borrowers Increase



March 26, 2009 – Comments (0)

The Post Office releasing tens of thousands...

Washington Post, New York Times both trimming staff: reports

Agilent to cut 2,700 jobs as product demand drops

As more and more run out of access to slows.  Cities running out of money.  States running out of money.....School Districts running out of money....Business running out of money....Families running out of money

JGus video today by Gerry Celente was on point.  What makes this different than any other time in history is the extent of leverage infecting our economy.  As the economy slows and revenues and income a percentage of revenues....debt starts to consume a larger and larger percentage.

Pretty soon, just servicing debt consumes the entire revenue stream with little if anything to spend on food or anything else for that matter.

As I have been telling you.....the problem is NOT toxic is toxic borrowers.....and millions of additional borrowers are becoming toxic each quarter.

Toxic borrowers are everywhere....even the post office is warning it might not beable to pay its bills.  Retailers can't pay the rent.  Homeowners can't pay the morgage.  Shopping center and commercial office building owners can't pay on loans....Businesses can't pay the employees and is getting rid of them by the thousands.....

The Toxic Borrower syndrome is spreading and it is suffocating revenues to all of us.....Until we address the Toxic Borrower....Toxic Debt will EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prepare!!!!....things will get worse as more and more contract Toxic Borrower Syndrome(which is part of the FU virus)....and you know what happens when the symptoms are present....

If you are down debt.

Money and the access to money is getting harder to come by everyday....pretty soon few will have money that is not offset and burdened by debt.....

If you want to buy some metals against the inevitable unease from massive defaults...please...have some fun...

In the end....until we get debt into balance with shrinking revenues...expect lots of familes, businesses and government entities to develop Toxic Borrower Syndrome manifesting into the FU virus.


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