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The Thing About the Euro



June 08, 2010 – Comments (1)

The Euro continues to take a beating, trading at about $1.19 vs. the US dollar. Lots of worries about sovereign debt, and such. Personally, I don't care. The thing about the Euro, for me, is that it is a beautifully designed currency.

Seriously, the Euro, in particular the €1 and €2 coins, are just exquisite pieces of money. The dual metal design. The intricate, yet restrained imagery on the obverse. The regional customization (not unlike the state quarters here in the U.S.). The weight. The feel. It's artful in its execution.

I've come to realize that I greatly prefer dollar coins to dollar bills. I'm a fan of the U.S. "Sacagawea" dollars (and the Presidential series now in circulation). They're good. Not quite as delicate and nuanced in their presentation as the Euro coins...but not bad. I find it a terrific shame that the public here is still so resistant to dollar coins. I really wish the government would make a bigger push to end the dollar bill in circulation.

But the makes me want to travel overseas just for the opportunity to spend it. And, of course, now that the Euro is trading so much lower against the dollar, I can afford to do so! Hooray for sovereign debt issues!

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#1) On June 08, 2010 at 10:17 AM, PeteysTired (< 20) wrote:

Has anyone noticed the new US penny?  It seems fake.  I am not sure what it is made of probably recycled tires :) 

I am a big fan of the old copper ones.  I can imagine one day when the price of copper is through the roof that all the old pennies will be gone from circulation as collector items or melted by the meth addicts.

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