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December 14, 2011 – Comments (1)

With a population of over 7 billion, humanity can't keep consuming the earth's resources at the current rate

Every war in history has been fought over CONTROL OF PRODUCTION/RESOURCES
(the FREEDOM to control one's own production and the capability to control the production/resources of others)
ADVANCING DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY decreases the need to CONTROL others(labor) and control resources

EVERYONE is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
FREEDOM is the right to control one's own life and production

In a SPECIALIZED WORLD, we collectively depend on the production of others for life (food, water, shelter, security. etc....)
Very few around the world are truly self-sufficient anymore
MONEY is simply the means to obtain/control another's production

There are THREE FORMS of money used to obtain/control the production of another:
Unconditional Giving
The Mutual Exhange of Production
Unilateral Demand of Production Without Consent

In a CONSUMPTION ECONOMY, jobs drive production and without jobs, trade is not possible for most people
Government bailing out a few with government MONEY, and NOT the many, is the modern day equivalent of economic slavery
It concentrates the people's MONEY in the hands of the few unjustly permitting the privileged to control the lives of the many

When TRADE is impossible, the only two ways to control production of another is LOVE and/or FORCE
And often, LOVE is in short supply when desperation is high

In a KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY, technology drives production & decreases the need to control others for production
As human production advances to DIGITAL, the need to consume the earth's resources will deminish radically

The issue facing humanity, and its 7 billion inhabitants, is whether we can advance from an UNSUSTAINABLE CONSUMPTION ECONOMY to a SUSTAINABLE KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY without destroying the earth, and many of those living on it.

We are about to find out at

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