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The unloved ugly rally...



April 12, 2013 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: RA.DL2 , P , E

Man it's  been  rather  ugly  these  past    days,  wet,  cold,  rainy.

Taxes  are  coming  due  and  we  are  seeing  to  the  horror  of  many  a  gloom and doomsayers  a  most  prolific  stock  rally.

We  have  others  who  are  saying  ~  predicting  ~  hoping  for  a  correction that  doesn't seem to be coming  any time  soon ~  unless  of  course  you are  looking to  invest  in  precious metals  or  miners or  cyclical  manufacturers of  real  world  products used  to  mine  minerals  and  make  things  like copper  wire  and  steel  products.

We  had  North Korea  pounding  its  feeble  chest  and  if  only  for  a second it  had  the markets  a  little worried, but than again  the  same  could  be  said  if  say  Bernake catches  a  hang-nail  and suddenly  decides  to stop  the printing presses until  he mends ?  wait a  minute  is  Big  Ben  still  employeed and what  the heck does he do again ?   ( suddenly  Lqqking all puzzled ).

So  was  today  the  correction ?

Siver  plunges  to  2010  low  levels,  probably  much to the joy of  the many  naked short  entities  operating  on  behalf of  such  evil   giants  such  as  JPM  and  money  policy makers  in   US >  Japan >  and  who ever is  left  in whatever  order  they  may or  may not rank after  these two giants.

Lets see  Japan   can  sell  10  year  paper  at   one  half of  one  percent.    The  US  can sell  its paper  to itself  at roughly  around  2%  maybe a  little  less.


 A  few talking  heads  are  recommending  that people sell  out of  positions ?  and  go where ?  wait for  what  pull back ?   where are  you gonna  put  your  $$$   into  precious  metals  that  are  interestingly  tanking ?  into  10 year  paper  that will pay  you  2%  if you are so lucky ?

Ever  feel  like  everyone wants  to  rape  you in the most unpleasant  of  ways ?



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#1) On April 12, 2013 at 4:19 PM, L0RDZ (90.52) wrote:

Stupid  Chinese CPU  doesn't  want  to  type out  l's 

Silver plunged  today...   not  siver...

Enjoy  the  Tool...

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