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The Wavering Waif and Performance - 10/25/13



October 26, 2013 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: CLF , DAR , AIR

The Republican Part should be renamed the Feline Party. I say that because those members of the group of 537 that are in this party are all obviously meows of some renown as the recent government shutdown highlighted. In the end (pun ahead) both Boehner and Cruz bent over and asked for the old high hard one to be shoved in yet again.

The Democratic Party on the other hand should be renamed the Proctology Party. It wasn’t until I read excerpts from an interview that the always electable Harry Reid gave to NPR Radio that I realized just how out of touch the Democrats actually are. Americans want to pay more taxes? Harry, Harry, Harry. Pull you head out and pay attention sir.

Of course I would be remiss if I did not include the way the President, with his back turned, was able to save the day for the wavering waif. Some news agencies are now saying that the entire thing was a put on event. The waif said she was afraid she would have to pee so she didn’t drink anything and that made her dizzy.

I personally thought the entire thing was so funny that in the waifs honor I sucked down a couple of brews while sitting on the can. A belch and blast of wind later, hell, I was good to go. The waif should have tried it. For that matter so should the President.

Hi. My name is Wax, and I am an individual, working class, investor just trying to do the best I can in a world that was never intended for investors like me.

Throughout the course of the week, I post a Daily Alert, which is my review of an individual equity. It is intended to help the reader decide if that particular equity is worth their time to research.

The other thing I do, is let the world watch as I manage the The Wax Ink Portfolio.

Perhaps watching me make the mistakes I make will help other working class investors avoid the investing pitfalls that seem to find me.

Enjoy your weekend


The Wax Ink Portfolio was up 0.6% for the week. By comparison, the Dow was up 1.1%, the Nasdaq was up 0.7%, the S&P 500 was up 0.9%, the Russell 2000 was up 0.3%, and the Volatility Index, commonly known as the VIX, was up 0.4%.

Year to date, the Wax Ink portfolio is up 31.2%, the Dow is up 18.8%, the Nasdaq is up 30.6%, the S&P 500 is up 23.4%, the Russell 2000 is up 31.7%, and the VIX is down 14.1%.

The Wax Ink Portfolio breakdown remains unchanged with roughly 70% of the portfolio in equities, 30% of the portfolio in cash, and 0% of the portfolio in bonds.

Mercury Computer Systems (Nasdaq: MRCY) – Positive Investment Interest

Merit Medical Sytems (Nasdaq: MMSI) – No Investment Interest

Newfield Exploration Company (NYSE: NFX) – No Investment Interest

Norfolk Southern Corporation (NYSE: NSC) – Negative Investment Interest

QEP Resources (NYSE: QEP) – No Investment Interest

Questar Corporation (NYSE: STR) – Positive Investment Interest

Questcor Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: QCOR) – Negative Investment Interest

RF Micro Devices (Nasdaq: RFMD) – Positive Investment Interest

Rush Enterprises (Nasdaq: RUSHA) – No Investment Interest

Silicon Images (Nasdaq: SIGM) – No Investment Interest

Diebold (NYSE: DBD) – No Investment Interest

Super Micro Computer (Nasdaq: SMCI) – Positive Investment Interest

Total System Services (NYSE: TSS) – Negative Investment Interest

This week's moving on up stocks were iron ore company Cliffs Natural Resources (NYSE: CLF), up 9%, chicken grease collector Darling International (NYSE: DAR), up 6%, and airplane repair company AAR Corporation (NYSE: AIR) was up 4%.

This week's floaters in the bunch bowl were packaging company Meyers Industries (NYSE: MYE), down 3%, pill maker Cubist Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: CBST), down 3%, and refiner Holly Frontier (NYSE: HFC), down 2%.

Not Performing
The top portfolio choke and puke stocks remain soon to be take private communications equipment company Tellabs, down 55% since being added to the portfolio, iron ore company Cliffs Natural Resources, down 26% since being added to the portfolio, and garage door and telephone headset maker Griffon Corporation, down 28% since being added to the portfolio.

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Wax Ink is a baseline equity research company not licensed or registered with any government agency

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