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The Wealth MUST Be Distributed More Evenly



April 27, 2011 – Comments (0)

Currency, gold, silver, etc...are simply ways for people to trade with each other.

If very few people today have currency or gold, very few people can trade absent direct barter.

For the past few years, by bailing out Wall Street and NOT main street, the currency is concentrating in fewer and fewer hands....and as such the ability to trade is contracting among a smaller population despite running a MASSIVE $1.6 trillion dollar annual deficit.

If people don't have currency/gold, then producers can't produce for currency and production declines in a system that uses currency to funciton.  New home construction is down 80% and auto production is down over 30%.

At this point, as production declines, the prices for those things that are produced and in demand, like Food and Fuel will rise.  As those items rise, but incomes don't....the capacity for people to get food and fuel will decrease.

As more and more can't obtain food and fuel and other necessities....and they and their families depend on food and fuel to survive.....those people will have only one choice absent begging for it.....and that is to use Force to get it.

Most of you have not lived in Third World nations where the wealth was concentrated in a few cousins do, and are relatively very wealthy, and each carries a gun and is well trained in its use. 

Most Americans are not prepared for this environment...but if we keep heading in this path, it will not be gold/currency that holds value, but rather security.  Because, for the man with a .45 pointed to his head, the desire to not have the trigger pulled is worth all the gold/currency in the world.

Keep watching the ticker as the wealth in America continues to concentrate in fewer and fewer hands......and then watch out.....FLASH!!!!

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