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The World Can't Stop ZOMBULATION



August 13, 2011 – Comments (1)

The outsourcing of jobs to technology is occuring at mathematically increasing rates.  Soon eMail/Digital Messaging will replace most of the Global Postal Workers....millions of employees.

Postal Service Seeks Exit From Union Deal to Prune 220,000 Jobs

In a world where one needs a job to make money.....and needs money to obtain the basics for survival........unless you are a banker or policitican who can print money out of thin have a problem in a collapsing system.

We are watching unfold right before our eyes millions of ZOMBULATED people getting increasingly angry and frustrated....


The Zombulation of humanity is causing tax receipts to evaporate....forcing governments to cut workers....

Conditions have deteriorated so much in some once vibrant towns...Prostitutes instead of Police are now walking the streets....

Keep watching the ticker my Foolish Sheep as humanity gets Zombulated....not a single one of you can match the trading success of the machines...and they are getting smarter at a much faster rate than humanity as human systems decay....

Jefferson County AL Nears Possible Bankruptcy Filing

Soon most of you will be Zombulated too....and many will ask, Why did Alstry.....a computer so much when we didn't even care about ourselves?

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#1) On August 13, 2011 at 7:44 PM, PainterPoker (24.71) wrote:

Good stuff Alstry. Weird.. really funny stuff. Why don't you have these posts on your site. Daily blogs like this will help with your SEO.

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