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The Yellow Journalists and Chicken Hawks jump on the Drug War Bandwagon



March 26, 2009 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: AOBC

You know a war is going mainstream when Anderson Cooper repots on it!  When you watch the Chicken Hawks of the Drug War... ya know, those that want drug prohibition but are too chicken to go and fight the drug cartels themselves... ya know, like the Chicken Hawks that want to spread democracy in every corner of the world from their comfy newsrooms and government offices...... remember what I reported three weeks ago: The Drug War is spilling into America.

Remember, War is the Health of the State:

"It cannot be too firmly realized that war is a function of States and not of nations, indeed that it is the chief function of States. War is a very artificial thing. It is not the naïve spontaneous outburst of herd pugnacity; it is no more primary than is formal religion. War cannot exist without a military establishment, and a military establishment cannot exist without a State organization. War has an immemorial tradition and heredity only because the State has a long tradition and heredity. But they are inseparably and functionally joined. We cannot crusade against war without crusading implicitly against the State. And we cannot expect, or take measures to ensure, that this war is a war to end war, unless at the same time we take measures to end the State in its traditional form. The State is not the nation, and the State can be modified and even abolished in its present form, without harming the nation. On the contrary, with the passing of the dominance of the State, the genuine life-enhancing forces of the nation will be liberated. If the State’s chief function is war, then the State must suck out of the nation a large part of its energy for its purely sterile purposes of defense and aggression. It devotes to waste or to actual destruction as much as it can of the vitality of the nation. No one will deny that war is a vast complex of life-destroying and life-crippling forces. If the State’s chief function is war, then it is chiefly concerned with coordinating and developing the powers and techniques which make for destruction. And this means not only the actual and potential destruction of the enemy, but of the nation at home as well. For the very existence of a State in a system of States means that the nation lies always under a risk of war and invasion, and the calling away of energy into military pursuits means a crippling of the productive and life-enhancing processes of the national life. " - Randolph Bourne

So is it any wonder that we have so many wars?

War on Drugs, Poverty, Depression, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, War on Bonuses, the list is endless.

But who fights these wars and who funds them? Certainly not the schemers who start the wars. Certainly not the yellow journalists that cover them.

Your sons and daughters. Our friends and families. We fight them. We fund them.

So, my question for you: when will you have had enough?

My anonymous Border Patrol agent source in his email to me three weeks ago" 

"Let me state very clearly for all the viewers out there a quick synopsis of the US/Mexico border.  It is a warzone.  The government of Mexico is no friend in this war.  We just took down an Arellano-Felix cartel enforcer heavy the other day.  Cartel members are slowly slithering their way into the US.  What I've seen of illegal immigrants in my seven years could be summed up like this:  they have no love for the US, just the US dollar.  Gangbangers and general malcontents with pre-existing US felony records make up roughly 60% of what's flowing across.  Even the non criminal-minded manage to rack up DUIs and domestic violence records.  Upstanding and decent human beings free of any criminal record make up maybe 10-20% of the flow.  The mantra of the entire nation and therefore, its citizenry abroad seems to be this:  What can I get for myself?  How much can I get away with? One moment while I step off my soapbox. The weapon of choice for cartel enforcers is the AK-47.  This is an "assault weapon" easily available in the US.  However, cartels are now arming themselves with frag grenades, RPGs, M-60s, .50cal machine guns, and .50cal barrett rifles.  Those are most likely hemorrhaged from corrupt Mexican military units."

The Chicken Hawks that support prohibition need to put on their flak jackets and get their butts down to the border. I have neither the time nor the inclination to fight another war to feed the expanding bureaucracy and all its failed policies. Prohibition does not work. It never has and it never will.  The only way this war can end is through the establishment of a totalitarian government.  Either that, or liberty.

David in Qatar 

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#1) On March 26, 2009 at 5:20 PM, DaretothREdux (50.88) wrote:

We have so many "educational" programs these days to brainwash children into thinking that drugs are the worst possible thing in the world. This creates a diachotomy many times: those who end up using, and those who become puritanical in their belief that drugs are the ultimate evil.

Until we can find a way to legalize marijunia and non-violent drug use our courts will continue to be over-crowded along with our jails...

The War on Drugs should be fought through localized education. Money shouldn't be wasted on any level higher than that because it is nothing more than that, a waste.

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#2) On March 26, 2009 at 5:51 PM, whereaminow (< 20) wrote:

Dare, wanna good laugh? Watch this video:


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