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The ZOMBULATION Cancer Is Spreading....



May 30, 2011 – Comments (1)

Calling Alstry crazy is like the heart telling the Pancreas(infected with malignant cancer) that it is beating fine and doesn't give a damn that the Pancreas has cancer.

Instead of cancer, economically we are dealing with Zombulation...the point where one runs out of income, savings and access to credit.

And Zombulation is spreading around the world fewer and fewer can afford the basic needs for and fuel and credit is impossible to obtain...except for a select few and a bunch of bankers and politicians.

We see the protests Alstry forecasted spreading globally.  Mathematically, in a Debt Based Industrial System, when your currency can't obtain food and fuel from your labor.....and you run out of savings and have no freedom and must resort to violence to obtain the basic neccessities as few produce food and fuel themselves anymore....unless someone will give them to you out of love.....

Athens.....Barcelona.....China....that is just the ABC's of protests.....

Report: Some areas in China under martial law after protests

Al-Jazeera footage captures 'western troops on the ground' in Libya

Memorial Day comes as troops fight in Afghanistan

Report: Military coup possible in Greece

Yemen forces 'kill 20 protesters'

Morocco police violently disperse protests

U.N. sees risk of crisis of confidence in dollar

Pak shuts 3 US intelligence fusion cells

Gas tanks are draining family budgets

ANYONE SEE A TREND DEVELOPING AS ZOMBULATON SPREADS AROUND THE GLOBE?Relax, it is not the end of the world....just the end of a world as you knew it.....and the beginning of an Udder World.....a time of SUSTAINABLE prosperity.

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Happy  MEM  DAY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>




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